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DS keeps getting out of bed now I have removed cot side

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Hatters1982 Sun 10-Jul-11 21:06:03

DS 21 months climbed out of cot so I took the cot sides off around two weeks ago. Put them back on tonight because I have been putting him back in to bed over ten times each night and it's getting worse.

Have tried super nanny type put him back no talking but eventually end up sat by his bedside stroking his nose till he sleeps. Helppppp. I managed to get DS in a good sleeping routine from three months with bedtime bath routine, signals and favourite bears till now.

Tonight he went to sleep at 8.20pm with cot bars on and stroking of nose for only 5 mins. Should I keep cot sides on?? feel like I'm punishing him and getting in to bad habits stroking his nose as he's not learning to sleep on his own like before. Also worried he might hurt himself climbing out of cot.

Also have DS 2 on the way 24th October so will need the cot Jan time at the latest after DS 2 grows out of moses basket.

Help, help :-)

ripdobby Sun 10-Jul-11 21:20:10


We had exactly the same problem when we tried moving my DS out of his cot at 22 months.

We used the controlled crying technique since about 6 months, but when we moved him into a bed, we found this practically impossible cos as soon as we got to the door, he was right behind us and got to about 200 put backs in one night! Then we tried staying with him until he was asleep, but as soon as we tried to leave he would wake and scream and would find that all of a sudden he would wake up in the early hours needing it all over again, when previously he would sleep through. So in the end we wimped out and put him back in his cot.

About 3 months later we tried again, and put a bed guard on his cot, this time he settled no problem, I think he was scared of the sudden openess of his new bed, and the guard helped. He also now sleeps with loads of teddy's, which he never did before, so I think he feels less lonely, I have to kiss these goodnight too!

Also if you happen to buy a toddler bed, be warned that the sides dont come down very far and only really go as far as the pillows, and you cant get a a guard to fit onto it, we found out the hard way!

It does take a lot of patience too, they will test you to your limit!


Hatters1982 Sun 10-Jul-11 21:31:11

Thanks for your reply ripdobby. Might either leave it a few more months or buy a bed guard. Really helpful at least I have some options to try x

ripdobby Sun 10-Jul-11 21:34:55

Good luck

Keep us posted how you get on

holyShmoley Mon 11-Jul-11 14:04:23

have had the same problem with my 21 month twins. Once they could climb out of the?cot i converted it to a toddler bed. When DTD1 started i had a few rough nights of 'Back to Sleep' but we got there and just need to hold her hand going to sleep (at the moment). I have put a stairgate in their doorway, so even if they get up and start mesing they are limited to their room and we only go in if they are getting distressed.

Firawla Mon 11-Jul-11 15:48:06

I had the same problem when ds1 started climbing out of his cot around the same age, you do just have to keep putting them back in and try to make it boriung for them as possible and eventyually they get bored of it. for now its a novelty and he probably thinks it is funny to keep coming out? I think its worth getting a bed guard in case it helps but for mine it didn't really, he just eventually grew out of it but it did take ages and was extremely annoying at the time. Also try story cds to keep him in bed if he is interested in listening to them?

inthesticks Mon 11-Jul-11 17:53:16

DS2 stopped getting out of bed when he was 10. True.
Seriously though I had the same scenario, tried to prepare DS1 for baby arriving and put him in a bed at 24 months. In the end we put him back in the cot and borrowed a second one for the baby.

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