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4 month old and EEG

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emilie89 Sat 09-Jul-11 22:18:43


I posted this in health but haven't got any replies so thought maybe someone here would have some experience...

My son is 4 months and on Wednesday night we took him to A and E after some unusual behaviour and he has been referred for an EEG.

He did not sleep all day on wednesday then finally settled down at about 11pm (usually goes to bed by 9). He was asleep for about 15 minutes before he started screaming (really high pitched, not his usual cry) when I went to him he still had his eyes closed but was really crying. When I picked him up the top half of his body was totally limp. He couldn't support his head, back and his arms/hands were floppy. However his legs were moving. He carried on crying without properly waking up then fell back into a deep sleep. We took him to A and E where all tests carried out were fine (temp, heart rate, bloods etc). The A and E Dr seemed to think that he was just very very tired and that because I had given him some Calpol (last resort as he is teething and I hoped it might make him sleep!) he had just fallen into a very deep sleep. She did say she would send his notes to the neurologist just incase it was some kind of seizure but she thought he was fine.

Anyway, we got a call from the neurologist to say that they want to do an EEG on him while he is awake and asleep. They will have to sedate him sad. I am really worried and upset and don't really know what to expect. Does anyone have any experience of this? I am wondering how they will sedate him, how long it will take etc.


bail Sat 09-Jul-11 23:14:27

That must have been very frightening for you. I know you are probably desperate for some advice and I am sorry but I can't help as no experience of this. I just wanted you to know that you have my sympathies. Seems as though you have a lot to be positive about though...they ran tests and the docs examined your DS and concluded nothing wrong, that must be a good sign.

Anyway don't want to waste your time reading this, so good luck and I hope very much that all well and never happens again x

kreecherlivesupstairs Sun 10-Jul-11 06:14:55

DD had absence epilepsy diagnosed when she was around 8months old. She had an EEG. The sedation was a liquid medicine.
The problem was, she didn't have any absences in the period she was being monitored so it was pretty worthless.
If it's any comfort, she outgrew them.

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