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How to dress a 2 year old boy at a wedding?

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plinkduet Sat 09-Jul-11 20:30:40

His sister is a Flower Girl at my brother's wedding whilst he will be in the aisle seats with me, but what's de rigeur for little boys to wear?

My mum's suggesting some yucky looking cream devore satin 5 peice suits <bleagh> but obviously jeans and a smart shirt are out. I really dont like the look of little tuxedos and bow ties and waistcoats (never mind the cost - £50 a set for a one-off occassion? :0 )

Any ideas please?

Bellagio Sat 09-Jul-11 20:35:41

Our friends got married last summer when our ds was a similar age. He wore a lovely little beige linen suit with a white linen shirt (think kind of safari style) he looked smart but not too formal and stuffy.
Think it was Debenhams or House of Fraser, it came as a 3-piece set.

cupcakelover1983 Sat 09-Jul-11 20:40:11

I bought my DS a set from for a wedding in April. it was linen and consisted of trousers and a waistcoat with a checked shirt. we got it in blue but they had it in cream too. the set was only 19 pounds so a bit of a bargain too! I would post the link but I don't know how to! hope that's some help and enjoy the wedding!

shuffleballchange Mon 11-Jul-11 12:49:42

No great ideas, but from experience, make sure he is comfy above all else!!

AMumInScotland Mon 11-Jul-11 13:15:21

How about a pair of chinos or similar, with a nice shirt? As long as he looks like you haven't brought him in the first thing you can grab, I don't think people will be judgy about a 2yo.

SouthGoingZax Mon 11-Jul-11 13:20:22

I'm with AMumInScotland; a nice shirt (Boden doing some lush gingham ones at the moment in the sale) and a pair of chinos or khaki shorts.

Our DTs (23 mos) are going to a summer wedding (albeit an informal ish one) and wearing smart shirts and shorts.

Insomnia11 Mon 11-Jul-11 13:22:04

Nice shirt and trousers, smart shoes would do I'd say.

SouthGoingZax Mon 11-Jul-11 13:22:18 here

KirstyJC Mon 11-Jul-11 13:25:07

I'm dressing m y 2yo in a little black suit with cute little waistcoat. It cost about £18 I think (bought for my older boy a few years back) from

BlueChampagne Mon 11-Jul-11 16:18:05

Go to ebay! Smart little suits which have hardly been worn at reasonable prices. My (then) 17mo DS wore navy pin stripe trousers and waistcoat for his christening with a smart shirt and looked fab. I fear the chocolate cake stain will prevent the shirt going back on ebay tho grin.

Geordieminx Mon 11-Jul-11 16:20:48

Ds wore a lovely grey shorts and waistcoat set with a White grandad collared shirt underneath from Next.

Agree eBay is your friend

SleepyFergus Mon 11-Jul-11 16:21:47

TBH I don't think people will judge what his is wearing, although jeans and a Tshirt is prob a no no.

I think as some others have suggested, a nice shirt and chino type trousers/long shorts are ideal.

I really - personally - can't abide little kids dressed up to look older such as suits, now ties, kilts etc. They are 2 and will be running round creating havoc later on. Let kids be kids!

SleepyFergus Mon 11-Jul-11 16:22:24

Bow ties, not now ties!

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