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Help with jaundice and belirubim levels

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jgrime99 Sat 09-Jul-11 18:49:44

Hi it is my first post so i apologise if i am not doing this the right way but looking for some advice.

My baby son was born 2 weeks ago. 3 weeks premature. he had extremely high belirubim levels( above the transfusion line) and was kept in intensive care and then special care for a week whilst he was recieving triple photopherapy.

He did respond well initially and went below the treatment line after about 3 tests ( 24 hrs) . He was then placved just on a billy blanket but his levels started to rebound...

They then restarted triple phototherapy again after about 16 hr he was below 5 squares below the treatment line and they decided it was ok to stop treatment and for him to come home.

I am worried that he is still extremely RED not yellow ... and that he may have rebounded back above the line... they didnt seem to factor that in.

My questions...
1) is it possible to rebound again...if so how do i know if he has.
2) is there any way i can test his levels from home?
3) is it natural for my son to be so red. Like really red.

He is feeding well...above birth weight...he is pooing nicely a sort of yellowy brown colour about 4 times per day. he seems content but im just paranoid and wonder if anyone can help not settle my mind for settling minds sake but settle my mind by telling me its perfectly ok. If its not should i take him to a hospital? we have had a midwife visit us yesterday for teh 2nd time and she sayd his that he " looks" like his jaundice levels are diminishing ...but that is purely a visual view.

any help would be gratefully recieved.

Octaviapink Sat 09-Jul-11 20:36:13

I think for your own peace of mind you should first phone NHS direct and then take him to your GP or the hospital again. Just to stop you worrying. He does sound as though he's doing ok though. And congratulations!

sandberry Sat 09-Jul-11 20:38:50

1) is it possible to rebound again...if so how do i know if he has.
Unlikely, newborn jaundice is usually caused by the breakdown of fetal haemoglobin and that process is complete by two weeks. However jaundice starts on the face and descends so if there is visible jaundice on his lower body it might be worth getting him checked out by the midwives

2) is there any way i can test his levels from home?
no, the midwife may carry a bilimeter which can provide a rough estimate of his bilirubin level if you ask her. Otherwise he would need a blood test.

3) is it natural for my son to be so red. Like really red.
difficult to know without seeing him how red he is but if you are concerned get him checked out. Sometimes babies who are really red have something called polycythemia and need treatment, so if you are concerned take him to A and E, they see babies very quickly and can check him out.

sandberry Sat 09-Jul-11 20:40:20

I was going to add otherwise he sounds like he is doing really well and most babies who have worrying polycythemia or jaundice are sleepy and poor feeders which it doesn't sound like he is. Enjoy him!

jgrime99 Sun 10-Jul-11 00:48:05

thank you for your advice. I have spoken to the midwives tonight and will arrange for a visit tomorrow to check on him .

many many many thanks, x

naturalbaby Sun 10-Jul-11 12:54:06

what colour are the whites of his eyes? my babies didn't have it so bad but their eyes were the first and last point where i could see they had jaundice because they were yellow. keep him uncovered as much as possible in the daylight if you are worried - properly stripped off outdoors if it's warm enough to get as much sunlight on his skin as possible. obviously not in the midday sun though!
good luck with mw visit tomorrow.

jgrime99 Sun 10-Jul-11 21:34:43

thanks the midwife came today and said he was ok and that he goes red when he holds his breath.
Im not 100% convinced but i think its natural to be like that a bit as its my little world but i think he looks less red today.
his whites of his eyes are def clearer than they were about a week ago which is progress.
he was weighed today and has gone from 6lb 1 to 6 lb 9 which is progress.
thanks so much for your help i was in a bit of a state last night and i wrote the same article on 3 websites and only got responses on here.

I thank you again. x

ripdobby Sun 10-Jul-11 21:40:58


With regard to the rebounding, my DS had jaundice when he was born (was 4 weeks early) and the doctors said it was normal for levels to go up a bit after he came off the bed. He was on there for about 4/5 days altogether.

Primafacie Sun 10-Jul-11 23:09:59

Hi, sorry to go against the flow here but my son's jaundice got worse after we had been discharged from triple phototherapy. The visiting midwives dismissed my concerns for three days, on the third day the MW said I should have him checked "for my own peace of mind". Took him to A and E and his levels had rocketed to transfusion level and he had to have triple phototherapy again, as well as IV fluids. It was awful. Trust your instinct and have him checked if you are worried - there is no downside.

clothesoverbros Mon 11-Jul-11 15:30:17

Sorry, been meaning to reply to your message since saturday.

I was you 8 months ago! My DD spent a week on the scbu on and off the bilibed. When we came home she was still ridiculously yellow and was for a couple of weeks.

I was absolutely panicked about it returning so kept up the feeding at 2-3 hour intervals for weeks and weeks, mostly having to wake her. I found that the GPs, health visitors and midwifes were more than happy to check her over - do you have a midwife unit you can pop along to? Or even just go see your gp. Every health care professional I've ever seen has always been happy to put my mind at rest if that's what's needed. They don't take chances with babies.

Btw my DD is now a very cheeky, chubby, happy and lively pink [almost] toddler.

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