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Transition from childminder to nursery -- any thoughts?

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garliclover Thu 07-Jul-11 11:15:06

DS is almost 13 mo, has been with a lovely childminder for 7 months. Have just been offered a place at the nursery which is considered the best in this city, and we'll try it two afternoons a week from Aug, while still going to the cm 3 days a week. The idea is to gradually replace the cm with the nursery.
Only two reasons for doing this: the journey (up to 1.5 hours round trip for the cm, compared to 10 mins for nursery), and the fact that the cm doesn't take him out, ever, and I feel at this age he needs more interaction with others his own age.
Has anyone got any tips to make this transition easier for my DS, who isn't used to being left with anyone else apart from the cm?
Am worried too about how the nursery will cope with his multiple food allergies, though they seemed reasonable about it when we looked around.
Anyway, any thoughts?

matana Thu 07-Jul-11 14:57:57

tbh it sounds like you're doing things perfectly anyway by gradually easing him in over time. That's all i would have suggested.

As for food allergies - all nurseries have to cope with all kinds of things like this, from food allergies to providing halal and kosher meals. It's one of the reasons you pay them and entrust your child into their care and i believe they'd be meticulous about it purely on the basis that they'd be in a lot of trouble if they got it wrong. Besides, it's the best nursery in the city - relax!

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