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'Life facts' conversations

(6 Posts)
wizzchick Sun 03-Jul-11 23:06:19

Help - my DD, coming up for ninth birthday, has started to ask me questions about where babies come from. She told DH that her school mate said that men give ladies 'worms' to make a baby (this, when traced back to school mate's mother, turned out to be a case of the whispers; DD had unfortunately misheard the word 'sperm' smile

Clearly I want to put things straight for her, but don't know where to start (& was hoping not to have to just yet)...does anyone have any book recommendations on this topic. Ideally I would read a basic educational book on this with her, or digest suitable nuggets to share as a first step, but don't want to overload/frighten with too much info or detail. Also need to get the right balance between the biologial and emotional info. Thanks!

Bohica Sun 03-Jul-11 23:23:58

I bet she doesn't mention it again for ages. My DD did this to me at exactly the same age & I dashed onto Amazon & bought where's willy & another couple of books & they are still unread in my wardrobe.

DD is now 9.4 & has just started sex & health education so she is now very proud to know the correct terms of vagina & penis although tenticles is very nearly there.

I'm happy to answer her questions ie today was: Is bollocks a swear word & if it's a swear word for tenticles why does X say it when he drops something?

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 04-Jul-11 05:15:59

I am astonished she's left it until that age TBH. When she asks you again, and she will, just be matter of fact.
My DD stated asking when she was around six. I gave her age appropriate answers and she left it at that.
When she was about seven she came home from school saying Jojo had told her where babies come from. In JoJo land the man pees up a lady's bottom.
I put her right, she didn't believe me (she'd rather believe Jojo?) and got her a book.

wizzchick Mon 04-Jul-11 21:11:13

Thanks ladies. Have just been explaining to youngest DD that she doesn't have any 'nuts' (as in "I'm going to kick you in the...").

Thank you again playground!

AMumInScotland Mon 04-Jul-11 21:15:54

If you want a book, I'd suggest "Lets Talk About Sex" - its aimed at about 9 to 12, and is fairly non-scary!

pointythings Mon 04-Jul-11 21:26:07

grin I have had both my daughters point out to me that not having nuts makes no different as it still hurts a lot to be kicked/hit down there if you're a girl!

My two both asked at age 5/6. I gave them teh basics and they want 'Eeeeeeuw!' They have told me that they will never, ever do that even when they are married...

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