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8.5 month old seems very tired and cranky...

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JazzieJeff Sun 03-Jul-11 12:13:46

My DS has always slept well, but the past few days he's been sleeping 18+ hours per day and having to be woken for food etc. He does seem irritable; wanting to play quiet games or amuse himself in his jumperoo until it's time for bed again. Nappy changes are getting a bit fraught, too.

I tried taking him to soft play this morning, but as soon as a jumped into the ball pool with him, he cried bitterly and sobbed 'mama' and I quickly took him out again. sad I'm so upset for my poor little boy, should I take him to the doctors? He's not running a temp/got a rash or any other warning flags though.

Many thanks in advance x

essexmumma Sun 03-Jul-11 12:15:48

Ahh bless him! My 15 month old does this when teething. Could it be that? Just makes them a little sensitive and sleepy I think. Wish him better x

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