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Stay at Home Parents of infants/under twos, what does your daily schedule look like?

(11 Posts)
TheSnickeringFox Sun 03-Jul-11 09:34:02

Just being nosy really smile

trixie123 Sun 03-Jul-11 20:44:35

I have a DS (almost 2) and a 7wk DD. Roughly it goes:
6ish DS wakes up. Downstairs for milk and brek about an hour later.
Dressed by 8ish. He comes upstairs with me while I shower, dress etc. Some days we have an activity at 9.30. Play with toys in the house until then while I do washing up, chores etc.
Home from activity about 10.30. Nap sometime around 11-1ish
Afternoons are usually playdates or a walk or park visit or somthing. I can't bear whole days just in the house. we all get bored.
5pm dinner then half hour of DVD usually
6pm ish bath
milk and story, asleep by 7.
DD isn't really in a routine yet so she sort of fits in as and when. Usually feeds before DS wakes up, sleeps at random times for random lengths (occasionally the naps co-incide) and has her most difficult unsettled time just after he has gone to bed but is usually down by nine. DP and I eat after 7 while takng it in turns to deal with DD. We try to watch some good TV or a film and then collapse at 10ish. DD feeds 1-2 times in the night, it varies.
Hope that helps smile

Paschaelina Sun 03-Jul-11 20:48:43

Depends on if we go out morning or afternoon.

If morning, his nap is after lunch around 1.30-3pm, if afternoon he goes down about 11am-12.30pm. Tea around 5pm, bed around 7pm.

Its not really fixed, we go with the flow. I've only got 1 DS though, under a year old so we please ourselves with no other kids to work around yet.

theotherboleyngirl Sun 03-Jul-11 20:51:54

I have 18 mo twins (and a 5 yr old DS)

Our days are something like the following (although every day is pretty different):

8-ish: Girls start waking (yes I know, seriously lucky) - they are left to it whilst I finish sorting DS for school
8.30-ish: DS goes to school, girls up and breakfasted
During/after brekkie: they play/potter and I do house chores
9.30: often will go out to toddlers or sports centre soft play or music etc
11.30: tend to come home and they potter whilst I do some chores or read them books - if they are gribbly Cbeebies might go on!
12/12.15ish: lunch
1-3pm: sleep
3pm: snack
they then have to potter and play whilst DS does his homework etc and basically just come along if he has an activity etc
5pm: dinner
5.30: bath
6pm: our dinner, they go back in high chairs and pick
6.40/6.50ish: bed

However we also have at least 2 days a week where they aren't in this routine, and weekends are just what ever happens. They are very very easier girls, much easier than DS was - but I go mad if I'm in for a whole day more than once a week so we're often out.

TheArmadillo Sun 03-Jul-11 21:07:06

Dh (not me) is the sahp - dd 10 months (plus ds 6yo at school)

7.30am - 8.30am get up & dressed plus dd dressed/changed)
Feeds dd while making ds packed lunch (ds is allowed to get his own breakfast especially if he gets up early).
DD plays while dh packs pushchair/ds gets dressed & washed.
Take ds to school
9.15 get home and dd goes down for nap
9.30ish-11.30ish he does chores/plays on computer/eats
11.30ish - 1pm dd awake plays & has lunch
1pm-2.45pm dd has nap
3pm - collect ds from school
3.35pm-5.30pm kids play and dh puts on dinner.
5.30 I get home and finish off dinner

He doesn't do baby groups really- once a week dd goes (depending on MIL) and me and dh take turns taking her (I get every other wednesday off). We do a lot of family socialising and activities on the weekend.

alitesneeze Sun 03-Jul-11 21:07:26

I have a nearly 2yo dd and 16 week old ds.

8ish - dd wakes up and we all go downstairs for breakfast. I wolf mine and dd eats leisurely infront of cbeebies while I do all the chores.

9ish I get us all dressed and ready then we head to mum and toddlers at about 10am

12ish When we get back we have lunch then its a story and a nap for DD (somtimes I switch and put her down sharp if I have plans for the afternoon)

DD sleeps varying amounts of time so its either pottering for a bit or heading straight out for a walk/visit/trip to the shop or if the weather is nice we play in he garden for the afternoon

6.30 - dinner

7.15 - bath

8.30 - kids are always alseep by this point and I watch Dexter and go on MN grin

As pp's have said, I cant bear sitting around the house, we all go stir crazy. Weekends are more go-with-the-flow. (My life looks very boring when typed out like this!)

alitesneeze Sun 03-Jul-11 21:09:00

Forgot to add feeding ds in among all this and am up approx 200 times a night!

dietcokeandwine Sun 03-Jul-11 22:04:37

DS2 is 20m, DS1 is 7y.

Weekends vary but generally the weeks look something like this

7am/7:30am - DSs up, have a drink of milk, then play (DS1 in his room, DS2 in his cot) whilst I shower

8/8:15am - breakfast then DSs get dressed

8:45am - take DS1 to school, then we come home and potter about for a bit (I get a few chores done in between playing with / reading to DS2)

10 am ish - generally out and about for an hour or two - activities three times a week (toddler groups and so on), the remaining two days we either see friends, go to the park or the shops etc

12pm - lunch

12:45 - DS2 down for a two hour nap grin

2:45 - wake DS2 in time to go and get DS1 at 3pm

3 - 5pm - after school activities for DS2 three times a week (DS2 just has to tag along), the other two afternoons we tend to chill out at home

5pm - tea followed by DS1 homework and a bit of TV

6:15 - start bath/bedtime routine - DS2 into bath around 6:15 and then bed for 7, DS2 into bath nearer to 7pm and in bed for 7:30/7:45.

dietcokeandwine Sun 03-Jul-11 22:07:05

sorry that should read DS1 into bath nearer to 7pm!

Reading back our day looks quite heavily structured but it always feels quite free flowing - works for us, anyway smile

COCKadoodledooo Sun 03-Jul-11 22:17:47

Have a 20mo and a 7.5yo. Having the older one means certain parts of the day are more structured (brekkie 7.30-8ish, school run 8.30 and 3, tea 5.30ish, both in bed at 7). The rest of the day, the world is our lobster! Usually we have lunch between 12 and 1, but other than that we just go with the flow.

Am v jealous of those who mention regular (long!) naptimes though - here they're short and infrequent and damn near non-existent

crazycatlady Sun 03-Jul-11 22:41:44

I have a 2 1/2 yr old DD and a nearly 4 month old DS. Weekdays go roughly like this:

6.30am - DD wakes. Downstairs for toast and play doh with DH while I feed DS.
7am - DH leaves. I shower and dress while DD plays and DS kicks about in the bathroom.
8am-9am - breakfast, make beds, laundry, sweep, mop, dishwasher, surfaces, bins. Do DS's physio exercises.
9am - feed DS then he naps for an hour, usually on the move
9.30am-11/12 - trip out somewhere - park/shops/physio for DS
12.30 - feed DS, lunch with DD then laundry and surface clean
1pm - DD and DS go for naps. I use this time to get admin done (both household and business), do bits of housework and lay out jamas and nappies for bathtime
3pm - up from naps. Feed DS while DD has a snack. Either go out to see friends or play at home in the garden / do painting / bake something. Do DS's physio exercises
5pm - quiet telly for DD while I make dinner. DS has a cat nap.
5.30pm - DD has her dinner while I feed DS
6pm - clear up toys and final clean/tidy so the house is done for the day
6.15pm - bath time for both kids
6.45pm - feed DS. DD does puzzles.
7pm - DS into bed. Quiet 20 mins cuddle and books with DD.
7.30 - DD into bed.
8pm - eat dinner with DH
8.30-10.30pm - we either work, read or relax in front of telly with wine although at the moment evenings are eaten up with house renovating
11pm - bed, feed DS and asleep by 11.30

Weekends are different. We do no laundry or housework apart from cleaning up after ourselves, both find time to exercise, we all eat every meal together including a big family dinner at 5ish and we tend to go to bed later although DD ensures we get up just as early hmm.

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