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How much are horse riding lessons?

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plinkduet Sat 02-Jul-11 17:15:24

I know it will vary from area to area, but can people give me an idea so I can figure an approx. average?

Is 4 too young to start safety-wise?

Will I need to buy my own insurance for my daughter?

DooinMeCleanin Sat 02-Jul-11 17:19:26

Between £6 and £10 per group lesson here, for an hour, depending upon which one you go to. You don't need insurance, but you need wellies with a small heel (so just regular wellies then grin).

Abra1d Sat 02-Jul-11 17:20:44

Round here it's more than that--more like £20 for a group lesson.

JemimaMop Sat 02-Jul-11 17:22:32

£15 for a group lesson here. DD started riding at 4, but went on a lead rein rather than lessons to begin with, which cost £10 for 30 mins.

Reality Sat 02-Jul-11 17:23:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BlueChampagne Mon 04-Jul-11 12:45:38

Local riding school won't take them till they're 5.

emlu67 Mon 04-Jul-11 18:01:44

Around here £12-£18 for 1/2 hour lead rein lesson but about £24 for 3/4 hour once off the lead rein. They take them from age 4 but unless they are on really tiny ponies sometimes the children can be too small to get their legs in the right place and use them effectively. For this reason I waited until DD was 6.

AlpinePony Tue 05-Jul-11 08:33:20

Any officially-registered riding school will have full insurance - although you might for example wish to take out extra personal liability to cover a more thorough dental plan.

Find your riding school here:

Fully Registered and Approved

Regular wellies are really dangerous, try (if you can) to get a proper jodhpur boot or "old-fashioned" (i.e., ugly) "Clarks-style" shoes with a proper little heel.

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