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Being a mum 'sucks' right now

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moaningmama Thu 30-Jun-11 22:04:17

I'm really not enjoying being a mum right now and I feel v.guilty for saying that.

My two boys, age 5 and 8 fight constantly and I'm completely at the end of my tether. I shout all the time and am also afraid to take them out in public as they can be pretty unruly and I just get embarrassed.

I thought that things were supposed to get easier when they got older, but I swear I coped much better when they were babies!

Has anyone else experienced this and come through the other side?

My dh is pretty unsupportive as he works in London all week, so is pretty much not around until the weekend. When he is around, he loses his temper quite often, particularly with my youngest, which is really not what I/they need.

To top it all off I feel completely shattered all the time. I work part time, so get still get a day off to myself each week when the kids are at school, but I'm still almost always tired. I've been for blood tests, but all seems ok.

monkoray Fri 01-Jul-11 18:44:47

Poor you, just wanted to give this a bump. Sorry, my ds is too young for me to be of any use except for sympathy

FairyArmadillo Fri 01-Jul-11 18:56:40

My DS is also too young for me to offer advice. But he (3) isn't always a joy to parent. Delightful but emotionally draining and exhausting at times. Babies are easy compared to this! You have my sympathy too.

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