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2.9 year old with hand down nappy

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mumsiepie Thu 30-Jun-11 13:43:40

Hi, anybody know how to stop a 2 year old putting their hand down to fiddle with willy all the time!! He has a nappy on and his hand comes out glistening, covered in wee. It is not the right time to potty train him (he has too many things to contend with at the moment) although I will try to do so in a month or so. Not that it will stop him fiddling! He has the all in one vest and still manages to do this.

mankyscotslass Thu 30-Jun-11 13:52:55

Welcome to the rest of your life. <nods sagely>

As they get older all you can do is tell tham that yes it feels nice, but that if they want to have a fiddle to do so in privacy.

Ds now 9 remembers most of the time, but I do have a dvd of his Reception Class Christmas play, where he is sat on a bench, first row, one hand down his trousers, picking his nose with the other. I was so proud. hmm

One to embarass him with as he gets older I think. grin

DS2, 5, is proving to be a determined fiddler. I just keep gently reminding, and hoping this too will pass!

drystonewarning Thu 30-Jun-11 18:56:29

Hi my DS was exactly the same - it drove me nuts! I asked my HV and she advised me to completely ignore it as he is probably not even aware he's doing it and drawing attention to it will only make him do it more (she gives pretty sensible advice but DS has only just turned 2 so someone might be able to say if it's any different for a slightly older 2 year old?) But it actually worked pretty well!

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