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Need to establish some sort of routine for 6mo EBF prem baby

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stillfrazzled Wed 29-Jun-11 13:25:59

He's my second, but you'd think I'd never had a baby before. Because he was so tiny (3lbs 5ozs born) and slightly developmentally delayed I have just gone with the flow, let him sleep and feed whenever and become a bit of an accidental co-sleeper.

No regrets, it's worked well up to now, but he's outgrowing the moses basket, needs to go into his own room and I'm back at work in a few months, so think it's time to build a bit of structure into his day (and hopefully night).

Any ideas? Am yet to wean but will prob be starting pretty soon.

Tryharder Wed 29-Jun-11 16:40:45

To be honest, I would wait until he's on properly solids. I think it's very easy to introduce a routine based around 3 meals a day plus milk in between but seems a lot of hassle otherwise. Do you not already find that he's got himself into a routine of sorts anyway; all 3 of mine have got themselves into their own routine around that age.

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