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Baby has a cut finger (I know, PFB, but I dont know what to do)

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YaMaYaMa Wed 29-Jun-11 08:40:46

My baby (6 months) cut her finger on a jagged piece of a baby changing table yesterday. I feel terrible, I panicked and didnt wash the cut or put antiseptic on it as I had a bit of anxiety attack about it. Now it looks a bit red and sore. I dont know what to do now, is it too late for antispetic or is that not appropriate for a baby?

I am feeling a bit panicky and guilty and not sure what I should do?

Imnotaslimjim Wed 29-Jun-11 08:46:19

Antiseptic will be fine. Is it just a small cut, but looks a bit sore? As long as it isn't gaping open (which I guess it isn't or you wouldn't be here would you, you'd be at a&e) but I would be temted to pop a plaster on it so DD doesn't put the cream coated finger in her mouth. Won't do her any harm if she does, it just won't taste very nice. And don't worry, we all panic!

YaMaYaMa Wed 29-Jun-11 08:49:41

Thank you for replying, I feel so stupid for not washing it immediately, I dont why I didnt. It's not gaping open but it does look sore. I'll put antiseptic on it then.

Thanks for being kind, too. I needed it this morning smile

winnybella Wed 29-Jun-11 08:55:28

Yes, antiseptic, plaster, keep it clean...don't panic unless it swells or oozes pus...cuts can take a good few days to heal.

winnybella Wed 29-Jun-11 08:57:36

Sorry, obviously there's no need to panic even if it gets infected, in that case you would need to go to see a doctor/nurse.

pinksancerre Wed 29-Jun-11 09:01:26

The redness in the first 24 hours is absolutely normal (inflammatory response) just clean it and pop a plaster and keep an eye. The redness should go by day 3. Obviously as people have said before if it starts oozing pus then seek help but sure it will be fine smile

Imnotaslimjim Wed 29-Jun-11 09:07:29

Please don't feel stupid, I'm sure we've all been there at some point. When its your own child (PFB or not) you do tend to flap a little. I'm first aid trained and freaked out when my son split his chin open. I sat him on my knee and cried for a few minutes before ringing my dad and asking him what to do!

Have you sorted out he changing table so it doesn't happen again?

YaMaYaMa Wed 29-Jun-11 09:30:06

Thanks everyone, I will keep an eye on it. Been feeling awful all night for not cleaning, such a basic thing that I didnt do. I will definitely do it straightaway next time.

The changing table was in the swimming baths, I reported it and filled a form in and they assured me they'd see to it.

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