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Gift for DD's 3yo friend?

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iWILLdothis Tue 28-Jun-11 15:20:36

Invited to a birthday party for DD's friend. Have no idea what to buy her. Her family are rich and the kids seem to have EVERYTHING. What can I get that she will appreciate and not end up in the junk heap? She always gets my DD lovely & expensive gitfs. I can't go for anything too expensive, I'm thinking around £10-£15. Also not very mobile myself at the moment so going shopping is difficult, so possibly something I can order online? But then I've delivery charges to pay. I have lots of tesco vouchers which I would like to use for it, but nothing from there jumps out at me....anyone got any wonderful ideas to share with me?

archanat10 Tue 28-Jun-11 17:27:18

hey why dont you check out miss selfridge's accessories.just ordered an Enamel Heart Locket for myself.

archanat10 Tue 28-Jun-11 17:27:49

and that it was very economical.costed me less then the actual price

mummyosaurus Tue 28-Jun-11 21:14:25

Book token and a small plastic trinket? Perhaps a little necklace, DD was always delighted with jewellery at that age.

appplepie Tue 28-Jun-11 21:33:01


My dd [aged 3] would love a cute little purse with a little pocket money in. Also looked at this... little peppa pig watch you could order online with vouchers. If they already ahve alittle watch then they can just where different ones....

Also think this is cool

Or, what about a little jewellry box with a few hair things in...

What about cinema vouchers [you can ring up, pay over the phone and they post them]....

Book tokens are always good.

We often put the reciept for things in a closed envelope marked 'if you need to exchange, receipt inside'

Oooh.! One present I sent that they really liked was a selection of nice baking things like posh sprinkles, icing pens, pretty bun cases etc I wrapped them up like a little hamper type thing. Cost very little and nobody else gave the same.

Looking foreard to seeing the ideas!

isthismadness Wed 29-Jun-11 01:07:47

Some books eg the farmyard tales complete set. On amazon for about a rennet but retails in shops at much more

Or a selection of Shirley Hughes books

Or a book and a game eg by orchard toys shopping list or ladybirds

A play tea set

Is she getting a scooter or anything? If so a bell and strobe light for her scooter

An arty box for sticking etc

iWILLdothis Wed 29-Jun-11 10:32:27

wow...thank you everyone for the brilliant suggestions. I'm loving the idea of a "baking things hamper". Could order the stuff with my weekly online grocery shop and pay no extra for online delivery than what I'd be paying anyway. Also love the idea of an "arty box." Never thought of looking on amazon either, so will take a peek there too. Think I'm well on the way to being sorted now...thank you everyone! smile

GooseyLoosey Wed 29-Jun-11 10:37:35

For ds's 7th birthday one friend bought him a linen bad with "stuff" in - there was a very small kite, a torch, some stickers, glue, string, a balloon and a couple of sweets. He loved it.

For another birthday, the same friend brought him 2 of the most exquisite cup cakes I have ever seen. He took great delight in licking off the beautiful icing bit by bit.

Oh and a different friend just can him an envelope with an invitation to come to the cinema with him when there was a good film on. I think that was one of ds's favourite presents ever.

archanat10 Wed 29-Jun-11 11:02:45

hey good you could decide on something.but you could also get a cashback of 7.5% if you buy online at tesco.i think it could make the gift more economical and could perfectly fit your budget

BlueChampagne Wed 29-Jun-11 13:35:19

It's hard to have too many/much:

Sticker books (eg Peppa Pig)

If you're going to Amazon, order for all birthdays in the next month or 2 and get free shipping!

iWILLdothis Wed 29-Jun-11 15:00:56

goosey sounds like your dc has lovely friends!

archanat how does the 7.5% cashback thing work? I've never heard of that before?!?

bluechampage...good tip about shipping from amazon....I see loads of things that would do as christmas/birthday presents for various people....but I presumed that with everything being from different suppliers, you'd have to pay them separate delivery. Will bear that in mind, thank you smile

archanat10 Wed 29-Jun-11 16:53:40

iWILLdothis there is this website pouring pounds which allows you to earn cashback on evry purchase you make online.its quite you need to do is just go the site and shop online from wherever u want through pouring pounds and you can earn a cashback on ur shopping.seems to be quite economical smile

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