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7 month old baby 99th percentile and 2 stone.

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LauLauLemon Mon 27-Jun-11 16:11:41

Hi everyone.

The health visitor popped round today and weighed DD2 who is 30 weeks old (7 months tomorrow) and she is 2 stone! 28lb of pure baby fat.

We went through her milk intake, meals, weaning etc and the health visitor could find nothing wrong but in 4 months since she's last been weighed she's gone from 11lb (8lb 11oz born at 38 weeks) and in the 76th percentile to 28lb and the 99th.

I've been told to take DD2 to the GP in the morning and I'm worried it's now not going to be "She's a big baby, it'll fall off soon" and more "Mrs Lemon, there's a problem".

DD2 has always been chubby and it's the first thing people comment on but I've always just thought she.seems healthy, is fine in herself, she is active on her tummy, rolling etc so it'll be fine.

Please, calm my.nerves and senseless mind.

FWIW, DD1 was 9lb 7.5oz at 39 weeks and was a bigger baby but now at 3 she's rather slim at 2stone 4lb.

pretentiouswasteoftime Mon 27-Jun-11 16:26:55

Hi Lau, I am a HV too and although I don't know your DD she sounds like a child who is just piling on the weight before starting to move around. If you think of it from the point of view that we all fall somewhere on the centile charts then someone will always be on the 99th. If your DD had been on the 50th at birth and jumped to the 91st in 4 months then presumably the HV would not be concerned.

It seems to be just because your DD is on the 99.4th centile that the HV is concerned. Obviously I wouldn't tell you to ignore her advice as I don't know your DD but quite honestly I can tell you that many HVs look at the chart on not at the fine healthy baby in front of them. The chances are that if YOU thinks she is fine then she probably is.

FWIW my DS was born on 50th - rose to above then 91st (so same amount of gain as your DD) and then evened out once he was crawling - now I cannot get him above the 50th centile.

I think your DD sounds fine

The weight babies gain reflects the calorie needs they have once moving around - best diet in the world. I read somewhere once that if we copied a moving baby all day we'd be rapidly knackered!.

LauLauLemon Mon 27-Jun-11 16:37:36

Thanks for your reply.

DD seems to be healthy, happy and is getting increaaingly more mobile. She eats well with lots of fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy etc and I don't think there's a problem but I'm not a GP so I wouldn't really know.

Should I still take her to the GP in the morning?

TryLikingClarity Mon 27-Jun-11 16:52:52

My DS weighed almost 2.5 stone at 14 months old (he was 15kg). HV was a bit stunned, but said that although he was off thw scale he was the right height for his weight. He's now 17 months old, walking more and more active and I see that he isn't fat, just big. He often gets mistaken for being around a year older grin

Maybe your HV was worried cuz your DD is heavy and her length isn't in line? I don't know what GP will do/say that is different from advice HV has already told you.

All the best.

Jacksterbear Mon 27-Jun-11 16:57:37

Can't remember the figures but DS was off the chart at 7-8 months. It was just the time when he had taken really well to weaning but was still drinking a lot of formula too, and he hadn't started crawling yet. HV raised an eyebrow when she weighed him but then measured his length and pronounced that it was in proportion so not much of a concern. She did tell me to cut down on his milk feeds as he was taking solids so well. But you say you've been through that with HV and that's not a problem. FWIW DS is now 4, skinny as a rake but very tall for his age, 75th centile for weight.

pretentiouswasteoftime Mon 27-Jun-11 17:09:12

Yeah - I would take her just because yout HV has advised this and I don't know your DD. Chances are your GP will dismiss it as a healthy baby - don't let him/her talk you into putting your DD on any kind of diet though - she will lose it rapidly once crawling.

We are supposed to be aware of overweight babies because many stay overweight but generally those babies are older than your DD. If there are any issues regarding them wanting you to mess around with her food then ask for a referral to a paediatric dietician who will address it properly.

happygilmore Mon 27-Jun-11 19:06:24

I don't know what DD weighs now at 13 months, but when she was born she was only 6 pounds 7. She is now huge - in 18-24 month clothes and has bingo wings to be proud of. She's only just started crawling so presumably it'll start evening out soon, she feeds herself so I figure she must know what she needs. She does still have bottles of milk but again seems to know exactly how much she wants.

Me and her dad are both slim, and she is tall for her age so I think it should even itself out. People do seem a bit shocked though to hear she's only 13 months old...

Sparklyboots Mon 27-Jun-11 21:54:49

My 6 month old was born on 75th, dropped to the 0.4th by around 8 weeks, hit the 75th again at 4 months and is now on the 90th. As he's breastfed on demand and we are just starting to wean, I am not worried because I trust him to regulate his own intake. In theory. In practice I have inwardly panicked at every weigh in except that one that he was on the 75th for. I'm sure you are doing the same thing, but don't let the charts ruin your peace-or-mine. If your baby eats when she is hungry and stops eating when she is no longer hungry and you are not involved in coercing her to eat, then she is fine. As is my DS. We should worry when they seem to have stopped regulating their intake, which if you are careful shouldn't happen. Good luck x She sounds fab

Sparklyboots Mon 27-Jun-11 21:56:07

Freudiian slip - I meant your peace-of-mind.

veritythebrave Mon 27-Jun-11 22:02:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

joencaitlinsmum Tue 28-Jun-11 13:47:37

We had a similiar experience with our DS (1st baby) cant remember figures but he was a big baby from the start 8lb 8oz and two weeks early.

Health visitor frightened us stupid and refered him to a specialist at the hospital despite us saying that both us parents were big as babies they also insisted he was weighed weekly! specialist took one look at DS then told us that the HV had wasted everyones time & money and its a common occurance with HV's.

I didnt take our DD to see anyone or have her weighed as a result, DS is now 11 and so thin you can see every rib and bone he has despite eating us out of house and home!


inthesticks Tue 28-Jun-11 18:52:55

Don't let the HV panic you but do as she tells you. I'm sure the GP will see a healthy baby and reassure you.
Both my boys were 20lb at 20 weeks. They were big chubby babies and stayed that way until they began to crawl at 7 months. The weight dropped off and they have been skinny ever since.

lonesomeBiscuit Tue 28-Jun-11 20:16:24

Hi Lau

Your post could have been written about my DS, except that he weighed 7lb 8oz when born at 38 weeks, so his rise up the charts has been even steeper. At 30 weeks, he was on the 99.6th centile for height and weighed 12.6kg (27lb 13oz), which (as you will know) is about 1.5kg above the 99.6th centile for weight.

I fully recognise the thought processes that other posters describe in terms of whether to be concerned. I keep reassuring myself that it is not as if I am stuffing him full of crisps and fizzy drinks.

I think tentatively that my DS's growth may have slowed. He is now 33 weeks and not yet crawling, but his height and weight seem to have stayed the same for the last 3 weeks. So you may be on the cusp of seeing an evening out.

I will watch this thread with interest. If you do take your DD to the GP, would you mind reporting back?

IdDoAndyMurrayInAHurry Wed 29-Jun-11 16:01:27

Like others have said don't let the hv panic you. She is probably laying down stores and it will drop off to her natural line when she moves more. But even if it doesn't, someone needs to be on the 99th centile.
My ds is 7months today and I weighed him this morning, 19lb8oz, people are always telling me how big he is, when really he is just a bit above average Including a friend whose dd is 16lb at 11 months. All babies are different, try not to worry.
Good luck at the gp

Tegan01 Sat 07-May-16 10:19:14

Hi my baby weight is creeping every time she has been weighed . she started on the 75th centile . then at 7 weeks was on the 91st centile. At 14 weeks was above the 99 the centile and weighed again at 21 weeks and has risen again over the 99 th centile. Any one else baby done this and was they ok. Am awaiting a hospital appointment . she is only on baby milk no food as yet . thanks

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