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Swearing dc friend. Do I stop contact?

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Booandpops Fri 24-Jun-11 20:54:16

My Ds is 3. A few weeks back he was at my good friend A's house. Her Ds is 5 and a handful Quite disrepectful of adults at times. Though oddly an angel at school. I had already stopped my Ds seeing this child as frequently due to undesirable copying but this is a good friend so sometime we have to mix

Anyway after the last visit my Ds said " fuckie" I was shocked as my dh and myself never swear or any of our parents who sometimes care for him. I gave him the benefit of the doubt but he said it again later so dh asked who he heard this from. He said my friend A's Ds. I thought ok maybe but not going to take a 3 yo word for it so decided to let it go telling him not to use that word ever etc etc

Last night I looked after friend A's child for two hrs. We were at a park so they had some freedom. I was not always in earshot.

Today we had a playdate at a different friends and my Ds said fuck again. I was mortified though my friend was ok about it

Now I'm thinking maybe it was friend A's child who said it to him considering both times have been straight after seeing him

What to do now? Do I never see him. Look after him again. Do I tell friend A
My dh is fuming and wants me to not let him see child again

Please help

mumsiepie Sat 25-Jun-11 08:44:47

I would just keep reminding him not to say that cos it's not a nice word and mummy and daddy dont like it. Even though he is only 3 he will take it on board (maybe after being told a few times!) and stop. Most friends would be understanding if he said it in front of their children as he is very young.

pfbornot Sat 25-Jun-11 08:48:17

My DS is 5 and in reception. Children have been saying fuck in the playground. I would not stop contact, but I would make sure that your DS knows that he must not say it because it is very rude. Is he just 3 or nearly 4? The advice for swearing varies with age and IIRC at 3, you ignore. At 4 you tell them not to say the word. At 2, you pretend that that fuck was duck etc.

Booandpops Sat 25-Jun-11 21:02:34

Thanks for replying. I am going to monitor and see what happens. My Ds is 3.6 but Is very used to older children I know I can't protect him for ever but feel 3 is very young so I need to do something.
I can't abide swearing myself.
I'm going to reduce contact with child ( not mum ) more still. when I looked after him last he said to my dd in the car driving home. "your mum is an idiot!" My dd was upset and I didn't make a fuss but inside I was annoyed as none of my other friends kids talk to adults like that. I Dont want to look after him anymore whereas my other friends kids are a pleasure and no trouble at all.

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