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Dont Know What To Do - V Testing DD

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joencaitlinsmum Thu 23-Jun-11 13:55:04

Our DD is 8 going on 18, at school she is a model pupil very quiet helpful, caring and co-operative but at home its another story completely.

She nevers sees things the way we do, she is always right (ok normal child!) and when asked to do something she constantly has a back chat answer not to mention the face on her and the nastyness in her voice.

To listen to her she is very hard done by emotionally and in physical things, I have tried to up the amount of attention she gets (she is great on a one to one) but I cant give her my 100% attention all the time besides I have got to the point that I dont want to spend anytime with her as I am physically hurting inside at the way she treats me.

Mornings are a nightmare as she is constantly on a go slow mode making us late, we end up fighting then she goes off to school crying and I am left feeling guilty.

I have tried talking to her and she says she doesnt know why she is so horrible to us. She is a bit on the large size for her age and food is another battle ground as is clothes and what she will wear or rather wont.


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