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Baby struggles to fall asleep

(7 Posts)
Hfftthh Wed 22-Jun-11 14:02:48

I wondered if anyone was in the same boat and/or had any advice - my son is 3.5 months old and really struggles to wind down and fall asleep. When he was little (up to 6 weeks ish) he would sleep anywhere and was really transportable - happily sleeping in his pram and the car. Now he is ok in the car and pram when awake but as soon as he gets tired he screams and screams and struggles to fall asleep. The same in the baby bjorn; he will look around happily for ages without nodding off and then eventually cry because he is then over-tired! It makes going anywhere hard and I feel bad for the poor little man :-(
At home he used to just nod off on his own in his Moses basket but now he needs to be rocked to sleep (and often then he still cries and really fights sleep) but then we can put him down. If I try to catch him early and put him down awake he will sometimes lie there happily for 45 mins but never quite falls asleep! Then he either cries so I have to help him or we give up as it's feeding time again :-) I darken his nursery and play calming sea sounds but he either kicks and looks around or he cries. I know he can put himself to sleep because he does in the middle of the night so I think it's more the initial switching off and calming down he finds so hard!
Anyone got any tips - I feel so sad for him and it is quite restricting for me!
Thanks all

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Wed 22-Jun-11 14:44:52

oh it can be tough! The amount of sleep they need changes so quickly, as does what helps them drift off. We've been through lots of phases. I'd say just do what you have to, as it will change again soon. With the buggy have you tried putting the rain cover over? It worked with ds to block out the noise a bit. Till he grew out of that one and on to the next thing!

Also, daft as it sounds, he night not need quite as much sleep now he's moving out of the newborn phase, and just be a bit board in the seat. We had a similar thing with feeding at that age, i kept trying to feed him like a newborn and couldn't figure out why he "wouldn't feed", while he got p*ssed off that i kept shoving a boob in his gob. grin

We also found we had to time car journeys with millitary precision. Not tired ment he got bored and cried. Too tired and he couldn't drift would cry. Bit of a goldilocks thing.

If he's happy being transported in the carrier i'd go with that while he finds his new sleep pattern. You might want to consider getting a sling, i found our baby bjorn type uncomfortable at about three months, but am still using the sling at 16m and 23wks pg. smile

toolittletime89 Mon 27-Jun-11 11:45:19

I have the same problem, my 10week old struggles with napping in the day! She is very inconsistent, some days she will sleep within 5mins of getting in her cot, others she will cry and settle within 15mins and some days (like today) she will not nod off at all, just fuss, yawn n look for booby!
It is frustrating as just when i think a routine is developing she changes!
I know she can settle herself as she does go down easily at bed time, settles herself at night and USUALLY will go down for her morning nap no problem!
I really don't know what to do with her, i don't to always be relying on a pram/car ride to get her to sleep in the afternoon! Any advice would be great, please?

diyqueen Mon 27-Jun-11 15:56:14

Oh yes, in exactly the same boat - you've actually made me feel much better that it's not just me that has a baby that just doesn't want to sleep! My dd is 3 months old and always used to doze off after a good feed, but now quite often stays awake now and will stay awake until frantic with tiredness sometimes. She will often snooze in the car or the baby carrier though (not the pram). If I put her down in the cot awake - even if looking very sleepy - she will either kick about until she gets bored and then scream, or just cut straight to the screaming. I'm afraid I'm still making sure she's asleep before putting her down, by whatever means - feeding, cuddling, walking round the room, tummy rubbing...

Timeoutofmind Mon 27-Jun-11 16:05:29

My DD was exactly the same, so we introduced a dummy at around 2mo. I wasn't keen on her having one but it is the only thing that worked consistently as a sleep cue. She is nearly 6mo now and I try and limit it to naps/sleep.

shanaya Mon 27-Jun-11 16:23:55

Hi, can any 1 give me a suggestion on my problem?
My Daughter is 20 months old.till 18 months she used to have milk bottle before she go to her bed but since i tried cup instead of bottle she has stopped taking milk at all.
since a month she gets so irritated when its bed time. she doesnt want to take a nap or go to sleep at night.
it takes me 2 to 3 hrs to make her i am getting irritated n its very frustrating for me as she cries alot if i ask her even to lye down.
any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

toolittletime89 Mon 27-Jun-11 17:54:41

I have tried a dummy, which she wont have, tried PUPD which has made her worse even xtra feeds to try make her really dozey but to no avail!! And if i do manage to get her to fall asleep she will wake after half an hour/45 mins very tired unable to doze of again! Would blackout blind do the trick?? Theres gotta be a trick to it!!

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