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Removing DD from Flying Start Playgroup, WWYD?

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LauLauLemon Wed 22-Jun-11 09:48:34

Did I do the right thing?

DD has been going to the free Flying Start playgroup since we moved here in February and she seemed to be liking it at first. She's a very chatty girl with lots of energy and didn't understand why none of the other children (there were at least 13 others) wouldn't talk or play with her. She'd come home and say "Mama, everyone ignores me and won't share" which I thought at first was just her being a general two year old but it started happening daily.

I went to investigate with the women who run it and they told me that the simple reason that nobody bothered with her was because they didn't speak English, had translators at hand at all times because they couldn't even speak a slight amount of English except for 'Hello' and 'Goodbye' and the childcarers were far too busy to talk to her or play with her. She was the only child and me and DH were the only parents to speak English apart from a Polish man who was learning and there were 13 children. The playgroup would teach small amounts of Welsh and learn songs in English and my DD would be the only one singing along and as a result looked around highly confused when she was the only one joining in with the staff.

I let her go back for another month as I thought it would be something she would just get into but she's now just turned three and is going to nursery in September. I've pulled her out of the playschool since it isn't compulsory and we do activities that are tailored to her instead.

Am I a horrible, racist mother? Some think so, some think I made the right decision for her but I feel horribly guilty thinking that she's missing out. I don't consider myself racist at all. I definitely don't think those parents and children don't deserve to be there like some assume I do.


therealmrsbeckham Wed 22-Jun-11 10:07:22

I don't think that you are horrible or racist you are just doing what is best for your daughter. There's nothing wrong with wanting her to play and communicate with other children that she can relate too and have things in common with.

FWIW I would have done the same thing smile

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