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DD2 in a big bed.......nightmare!!!

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niamh29 Mon 20-Jun-11 20:47:51

we recently moved DD2 (22 months) in with DD1 (5 years) after a week of them both settling in and getting used to each other we have now settled into the routine of putting them to bed, DD2 chatting and coming out the door every 2 minutes for 2 hours while DD1 falls asleep with her head under the pillow. When we put her back to bed (every 2 mins) we just pick her up and put her in bed with no interaction (until we get frustrated and threaten to take her teddies off her). We can't move her back out cause DD3 has taken her room (which she is fine about) so looking for any suggestions as it's been 3 weeks now, surely she can't keep this up much longer...........can she????

lechatnoir Mon 20-Jun-11 20:55:34

does she still have a daytime nap?

lechatnoir Mon 20-Jun-11 20:58:20

...pressed send a bit quickly.... 2 months my DS2 kept it up for shock. We dropped his nap and he's definitely better (15/20mins rather than 1-2hrs like you're experiencing) and ignoring him for as long as is physically possible without resulting in DS1 (5) shouting for us to come up.

He's totally shattered mid afternoon but it's worth it to reclaim our evenings and I know it's the nap as today he nodded off in the car for 45 mins and tonight I can still hear him despite going down at 7:30pm!! I feel your pain/

niamh29 Tue 21-Jun-11 20:18:08

Thanks for the advice, didn't let her nap today and she only took 15 mins to go down, I love the break I get from her midday nap but if it's gotta go it gotta go!

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