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DD hates her pushchair!

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LyraBelaqua Mon 20-Jun-11 16:17:11

Just wondered at what age your DC's started walking (when out and about) most of the time? My DD is 18 mo and learned to walk at 17 mo. She wants to walk practically all the time now, which I wouldn't mind but she likes a nap in the day so still needs a buggy for then and I'm due another baby in Oct so have got a phil and teds all ready and waiting. Am wondering if I'm making things harder for myself by letting her do what she wants. Or will it actually be easier if she walks everywhere when the next baby gets here? Is the double buggy going to be a waste of money? What do you think?

p99gmb Mon 20-Jun-11 17:19:05

get a buggy board then you'll probably find that she'll walk, then ride the buggy board, then want to sit in the buggy... fully equiped for whatever her ladyship wants to do!!

ramblingmum Mon 20-Jun-11 17:25:56

If you are going to have her walking when the new baby comes I would start using rains or similar now so she is used to them. I realy wish I had. All todlers make a run for it some time and tring to run after them with a buggy is not easy. Also she may change her mind when the baby is in the pushchair and decied that she has to ride everywhere

sarahtigh Mon 20-Jun-11 22:34:09

get reins asap and a hard hat , reins can provoke severe reactions, my DD hates pushchair wants to walk everywhere but in shops have to have pushchair so I dont become a permanent re- shelf stacker!! both she and i like reins

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