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moses basket to cot...

(4 Posts)
Annpan88 Fri 17-Jun-11 15:21:28

Just wanted to say I've found this forum a livesaver since DS was born!

Our current routine is I feed 3 month old DS around 7pm and he falls asleep in his moses basket downstairs with us and we take him upstairs with us around 10. However, DS is soon going to grow out of his basket and will be in the cot in our room. I know the reason for keeping a baby in your room for the past 6 monnth is to protect him from SID, as the baby can forget to breath and regulates himself by his parents breathing, so would it be ok to leave him for a couple hours (with a monitor) by himself or should I just go to bed early with him? Wwyd basically?

Also, as a side question, DS hasn't been sleeping at all during the day lately and has been a bit grizzly, with possibly some teething symptoms. He used to nap in his chair during the day but maybe after his recent growth spurt is just a bit to big to find it comfortable to sleep in/finds having no sides distracting, so I put him to sleep on his moses you think that'll make him thinks its night time (where he usually has a good 7 hours stretch of sleep)

Sorry random but just some things I've been thinking about! Thanks smile

Annpan88 Fri 17-Jun-11 15:48:24

Stratch that last part! Just had an hour nap so all god! smile

sweetuphoria Fri 17-Jun-11 21:07:28

When my DD was 3mo I used to put her to bed in her cot upstairs with a monitor on and check in her every half hour or so til we went to bed.

As long as you make sure he is not too warm and has the right bedding (I use a sleeping bag) he will be fine!

Mummyloveskisses Sat 18-Jun-11 16:10:36

Same as sweetuphoria, bed with a monitor, half hourly checks until me or my DH were ready for bed smile If I had gone to bed with DC I would have never had a little down time smile

I have always given DC their naps in their cots/moses baskets etc and they just sleep for the amount of time needed never gone into night time sleep mode


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