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ds1 friends with girl along the street

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hiddenhome Thu 16-Jun-11 20:19:29

ds1, who is 13 this year, goes to the same school as a girl along the street. She has a younger brother who is roughly the same age as my ds2 who is 7 this year.

Lately, this girl and her brother have been calling on us and playing with ds1 and ds2. They play outside and also come into the house to go on the Wii and the computer. They behave well and there's no issues.

However, today ds1 told me some things about this girl and how she got one of his friends into trouble at school. She told the Head of Year that this boy had told her he wanted to have sex with her and asked her if she would do it. The boy was very upset and denied it. Apparently, this girl has a bit of an eye for the boys and isn't above saying things that aren't true. Some of the girls at the school have been putting it around that two of the DT teachers are paedos hmm

ds1 says that he doesn't want to play with this girl anymore and I'm feeling a bit worried. I don't want someone like that coming into the house because she could return home and cook any sort of tale up if that's what she's like sad

Would it be reasonable to stop her and her brother from playing with my two because I don't want any trouble? I just want a quiet life and we had problems with a 'bunny boiler' at primary school who went around telling tales on the boys and setting her dad on some of them.

The girls seem worse than the boys these days sad ds1 is just starting puberty and I can't be bothered with these kinds of silly dramas.

Should I steer well clear?

thisisyesterday Thu 16-Jun-11 21:58:12

if he doesn't want to play with her any more then yes, you should respect that and not make him

i wouldn't make a big thing about it though, just keep inventing excuses if they come round, or just say sorry ds1 doesn't want to play right now....

hiddenhome Thu 16-Jun-11 22:04:29

I feel a bit sorry for ds2 because he was enjoying playing with her little brother.

betterwhenthesunshines Fri 17-Jun-11 09:07:09

If they live in your street, can you maybe ask the mum to come over for tea at the same time? Not every time, but if you two have met and know each other, then I would guess there is less likely to be any tall tales going on.

plantsitter Fri 17-Jun-11 09:10:19

If he doesn't want to play with her there's your answer.

I'm shocked that you would use the expression 'bunny boiler' about a primary-aged little girl though.

IslandMooCow Fri 17-Jun-11 12:29:01

Are you sure your DS's friends (or just boys in his class) aren't just making it up to get this poor girl into trouble? Sounds like nasty rumour spreading to me.

hiddenhome Fri 17-Jun-11 13:55:35

No, they're not making it up. There's been a few of them who've had a problem with her. Apparently, she's well known for asking the boys out.

Would you rather I used the term 'dysfunctional troublemaker' instead of bunny boiler? hmm

plantsitter Fri 17-Jun-11 21:48:15

You're talking about an (at most) 11 year old little girl. I don't think describing her as a sexual predator is appropriate. So yes, I would.

peggotty Fri 17-Jun-11 21:53:19

You only have what your ds has told you about this girl. You say they play well and there are no issues while they're in your home. It all sounds a bit like gossip that had got out of hand. Do you have any other sources if information other than school gossip?

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