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What do you tell a 7 year old about making babies?

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starrychime Wed 15-Jun-11 22:10:19

DD tonight has been asking all the questions, How much is a baby? hmm How are they born, etc etc etc. I've told her the basics and she knows the dad gives a seed, which goes into the egg, which is in mum's tum etc. But she's now asking how the seed gets in there. Now I have no problem with telling her exactly what happens but wondered if this is about the right age for all that? Also have no problem with using proper words etc. When did you tell your DCs all the details?
Have no doubt she will be horrified grin
I want to tell her at the right time and in the right way - my mum never spoke to me about this sort of stuff and the rumour going round school was that the boy peed inside you shock - can't remember if I was relieved or not when I found out the truth!
Any advice please?
I told DD I would look it up on the computer (her favourite thing to do at the moment) - so in a way that's what I'm doing grin

LawrieMarlow Wed 15-Jun-11 22:15:50

DS is 7 and has known the basics about making babies for a while but in the last 6 months to a year (can't remember when exactly) I have explained exactly how the egg and sperm get to meet. He was somewhat incredulous I have to say grin.

Have also said that it is a thing that grownups do that feels nice - he did look even more surprised at that one but I felt I wanted to start off some sort of beginning to sex as a recreational activity as well a reproductive one.

DD who is 5 is often around so has heard the same things but don't think it really makes much sense to her. She knows that she has eggs and that you need a sperm from a willy (she does know the word penis as well) to make a baby but don't think she understands much more than that. She does know how babies come out (but looks like she doesn't quite believe it). To be honest despite having had two vaginal deliveries I don't quite believe it either grin

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 16-Jun-11 07:37:08

DD was around six when she knew what really happened. A boy in her class had told her that the man puts his willy up a lady's bum and has a wee. She asked me if that was true. I told her it wasn't and gave her a very basic tutorial about the mechanics of baby making. She believed that even less.
I got her a book, the printed word is the truth according to DD. She believed that and wanted to share her knowledge. I insisted that it must not be shared as other parent's may not be happy. I am almost certain that she sold some 'sex secrets' for sweets.
IMHO, the sooner and more forthright you are about it, the more trouble you'll save yourself in the long run.

kreecherlivesupstairs Thu 16-Jun-11 07:38:35

To compound the trickyness, I had a CS so she struggled to believe that a baby really could come out of your fanjo. She had been aware that she exited via the scar on my tum so she really and truly struggled with the idea that there could be another route.

PrettyCandles Thu 16-Jun-11 08:09:19

You tell her the truth, as simply as possible, and only going into as much detail as she wants to know. The right age is now, because she is asking.

My first two were 8 when they asked. I told them that the mummy and daddy have a special cuddle, which is when the daddy plants a seed in the mummy, which then grows into a baby. Because of dc3 they already knew where the baby grows and how it comes out, so they worked out for themselves that the seed gets planted via the 'special hole', but when they realised what the daddy uses, they also thought it involved peeing.

I used simple language, and when they asked for more detail began using the proper names.

Ds1 enjoyed the discussion, dd was 'euww' grin

But it's not one discussion, anyway. It's ongoing over days/weeks/months/even years. The important thing IMO is that there's just enough there to get them coming back for more. No embarrassment, no over-burdening with info.

TBH, and to my surprise, I really enjoyed these discussions and this opening my dcs minds.

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