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are there any mums out there that are raising children that dont see their dads?

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babybumpx Wed 15-Jun-11 13:53:33

Hey I am going through a tricky time with DS1's father, with regard to access etc....i posted previously about it. I was wondering if anyone of you is either in that situation or has been and if so could tell me how your children are now and what happened during ie how you handled it, how the children coped and what was the they are grown up etc.


RockinSockBunnies Wed 15-Jun-11 13:56:53

DD has never met her father. He didn't want any involvement whatsoever as soon as I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant (I was 18, he was 23). Almost eleven years on, he's still never met his daughter, has never paid maintenance and it doesn't appear that this will change.

DD has, over the years, questioned why she doesn't see him. I've tried to explain that it is no reflection on her at all and that he's simply immature and not a nice person. Generally, she's been fine.

I'm now with a lovely DP and we're getting married in August. He's brilliant with DD and she loves him to pieces.

babybumpx Wed 15-Jun-11 17:47:47

In a way I guess its better that way as then there are no emotional roller coaster rides! bless her, I am truly happy for you and your daughter, it is so important to have that sense of family and belonging.

My son thinks his father is an absolute god....i cant say otherwise as it would be wrong but i sometimes wish he just wasnt in his life...we separated over 5 years ago now and that whole time it has been hard! I initially instigated all of the contact as I couldnt bare to have my DS grow up without his father, I did as a child and it hurts. I didnt realise at the time that perhaps no contact at all is better all this crap....emotional abuse, blackmailing me, constant text messages about how he hates me, telling our DS i took him away and broke up his family home! This is something that is so important to me as I couldnt bare to have my DS affected in anyway by our separation but obviously its not as important to his father......goodness knows what will come out of this I just hope it somehow gets sorted.

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