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2 year old not eating properly.

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MrsC1977 Tue 14-Jun-11 19:46:16

Hi, my 2 year old has been funny with her food for weeks now. She picks at stuff and then throws the plate on the floor. As soon as she sees sweets/crisps etc she will shout for them. I have now hidden these as I feel she is getting into bad habbits. She is teething dribbly/waking up at night, Gp isn't concerned he said as long as she's drinking (she is) then he isn't worried. But I'm worried though, what do I do just leave her if she doesn't eat?? I mean I can't force her to. She does sometimes eat but not always. Is this just a fussy toddler stage? I know she is teething as she keeps pointing to were it hurts. Dentist said she's 4 more to come through

redhotchilipepper Wed 15-Jun-11 12:08:28

hi- don't worry, both of my children went through this. However, I did not hide crisps, sweets etc , I just never bought them.
They don't need them and at this age can't get them!!
My advice is never make a fuss or offer anything else- accept that they are not hungry- in my experience a child won't starve itself. Once they are hungry, they will eat what you give them. If they don't , then they are not hungry!
Also think about yourself in this warmer weather- would you want a hot meal every day? Sometimes we don't feel like eating much and I imagine it's the same for children.
Just relax, don't make an issue of it, don't worry and just don't give them 'sweet stuff' as many people do just so that they know that they have eaten.
Good luck and really don't worry if she is drinking. x

babybumpx Wed 15-Jun-11 14:02:49

I agree, whatever you do dont make a fuss of it....that will only lead to more tea time dramas! and lots of attention which of course children love, whether is positive or negative. We sometimes play games, with food to make it fun. ie hello DD my name is mr carrott, can I come inside your mouth and see my friend mr potato, put on a funny voice so they laugh and maybe use some reverse psychology like " promise not to bite me" well with us so it might with you too. hope it works well for you x

bacon Wed 15-Jun-11 14:04:13

Hi, we have had the same problem here and luckily my husband is a stickler for proper eating! We dont have/allow fussy eaters. He is also dribling. I think this age good feeding is important and allowing this could make for a nasty precedent.

For a start we have cut right down on sweets and biscuits as this will curb their appitite. In any case all sweets etc should be away from any childrens hands as its impossible to control if its available 24/7. In a high cupboard and perhaps hidden behind something so her eyes cant catch them. Get a routine of a small dish of sweets around 3-4pm only. Grazing has been banned (also good for me to lose weight and save food bills).

DS2 was terrible for plate throwing it was upsetting me as I cook proper meals and seeing it on the floor demoralising. I started slapping his hand and pointing "NO". We have had to revert of sitting next to him when eating and spoon feeding and not accepting a shout mouth. He will shake his head and moan but its about not accepting this behaviour and being consistant is starting to pay off. My husband has picked him up and put him in the cot for 5 mins to let him have a good cry and moan and then back in the chair to finish his meal.

Good firm parenting is needed and dont be afraid of upsetting her, before time she'll start behaving at the table - it works!

Rosa Wed 15-Jun-11 14:06:33

Since the temps have risen here DD2 has taken a drastic drop in what she eats (2.6). She will pick maybe 2 mouthfuls and then stop. I am pushing the fruit and yoghurt and we have made frsh fruit ice lollies together and also fruit muffins which are going in better than cereal ( she has refused milk on cereal for a week now). SHe will eat crap so I am not over worried however it is testing my paitence cooking skills to try to entice her !

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