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Tips for 18 month old bedtime routine

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onionlove Tue 14-Jun-11 12:12:33

Hi everyone,
Would love to benefit from anyone's experience on this and get some new ideas. Our DS has never been a great sleeper but a month or two ago we finally got into a good routine, bath, milk/stories, cuddle, put in the cot and he would lie on his side and drift off with me/DH still in the room, sometimes wake 4/5 am and we snuggle him in with us until a better time to get up :-)
Over the last month or so DS has started to squirm and monkey around for about an hour before going to sleep, if we leave the room for him to get on with it he cries until we come back but then starts messing around again. Controled crying isn't for us but I was wondering if I should try leaving the room and only coming back in to lie him down then leaving again but I'm not sure if this is a solution and will get him into a good habit or not or whether we will end up in and out of his room for hours. I'm 50/50 as to whether we are encouraging him to try to stay awake just by being there.
Any ideas anyone?
Onion x

Atwaroverscrabble Tue 14-Jun-11 18:55:02

Dd is 18 months and has only been sleeping through for the past 4 weeks and used to feed to sleep but I stopped the night feeds at about 16 months and let her cry it out (took 4-6 mins and only 2 nights!) then I stopped the morning feed and took her straight down for breakfast and then a week later worked on the nap time where I would put her sleeping bag on, cuddle and sing twinkle twinkle, lie her down say sleepy time and leave the room, she would cry but if not too madly I'd leave her or if it was manic I would go in say lie down sleepy time and pat her back for 30 seconds leave the room and repeat if necessary... That took 3-4 days and she is a stubborn little girl but now has one nap of 1.5-2 hours after lunch....

Then last week I decided to try and get her to sleep without feeding after a cuddle and just sang twinkle twinkle again as per naps and after 2 days she now has a 2-5 min cuddle (no more booby at all!) and then lies down to sleep by 7pm until approx 6:30-7! It's bliss!!! But I still wake a few times just in case...

Our basic bed routine at the moment is some milk downstairs while watching a recorded 'something special' and then up to brush teeth, get changed, lights out, cuddle and song and sleepytime!

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