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First time mum, first holiday with 7 month old next month... HELP!

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Tinker3 Sun 12-Jun-11 17:36:55


I am off to Spain with 7 month old next month (first and only child) and I am suddenly realising how much stuff I will need and how potentially stressful it will be!

Any advice on how to handle an earlty morning flight, baggage allowance for things like travel cot, buggy, car sear etc etc... We're staying in a self catering villa...

What essentials do I need and what can I leave behind??!!

Will it be worth it in the end?!!!??

TheCountessOlenska Sun 12-Jun-11 18:45:35

Hello, don't worry - you will have a lovely time although it won't be as relaxing as holidays pre-baby!

We went to Spain when dd was 4 months old and have recently been to France (she is now 1) - it was harder work this time!

Check with the airline about baby equipment - with easy jet we had an allowance for baby equipment and took the travel cot and pushchair plus an extra case for her. You are allowed to keep the pushchair till you get to the plane.

Don't bother taking loads of nappies/ baby wipes - you can buy them there.

Remember baby sun screen and calpol!

Don't know about formula/ bottle feeding as dd was fully breastfed when we went to Spain, so that was easy.

I always breastfeed dd on the plane and she always passes out unconscious - think she finds the engine noise soothing! Babies suffer with ears popping on planes so it is a good idea to have them suck breast/ bottle/ dummy.

You can take bottle/ beaker on the plane. Security will make you taste the contents!

Take favourite toys and fun things for the pool/ beach. We bought an inflatable there.

Take sun hats/ sunshades.

We took DD out and about with us in the evenings - she slept in her pram.

Ummm - that's all I can think of at the moment.

Oh, remember people are very kind and helpful when you are travelling with a baby and the Spanish love them and make a gratifying fuss!!

Tinker3 Sun 12-Jun-11 19:43:56

Wow - so helpful.. Thanks a million!

strandednomore Sun 12-Jun-11 19:53:50

Once you've done it, you will wonder why you ever worried! You have some good tips already but I will add:

- lists lists lists, always write a list of what you will need and check it off before you leave the house
- if your baby is weaned take some of those Ella's pouches and a spoon with you on the journey, you can use them wherever if you get delayed (I speak from experience - we got stuck in a random Dubai hotel on our way to Islamabad with a 7 month old and 2 year old!). You can just squeeze the food onto the spoon and feed.
- Take more nappies and spare clothes on the plane than you think you may need (see above). Also take a spare top for yourself in case of mishaps. Change nappy immediately before getting on the flight, the changing facilities on planes are not great
- sucking on something (breast, bottle, dummy, thumb etc) will help the baby on take off and landing.

naturalbaby Sun 12-Jun-11 20:11:53

i went to portugal when ds1 was 7months and was a bit daunted as he'd only been on solids a few weeks. it was half board so i took a large tupperware box of baby food in plastic pouches/pots for him. got a lightweight maclaren for the plane - they take it off you just before you get on so you have it till the last minute then when you get off the plane. i think ours was an early morning flight and that worked out perfectly - he was still half asleep when we dressed him and loaded him into the car, then pretty much slept all the way to the apartment!

we didn't need anything else - transfer on coach, travel cot provided, fed him sitting in the buggy, ebf so no bottles.

Tinker3 Sun 12-Jun-11 20:28:02

This is all so helpful..!

Thankfully my DS was weaned at 4 months (big hungry boy) but he's still breast fed (totally refuses a bottle!) and after months of stressing because he won't take a bottle (not even of ebm) I'm actually realising how useful it will be when away to still be bf him!

Thanks again..

polar515 Sun 12-Jun-11 21:49:51

Hi I've got an 8 month old DS and we went to Spain for 4 weeks from when he was just over 6 months to just over 7.

To the above, I would add;

- You may want to take a hand blender / equipment for preparing your own food and any other essentials you've been using which you can make lots of meals from (e.g., low salt baby stock cubes). Carrefour has a good stock of baby jars if you wanted to use one for convenience but they tend to be huge and watch for the flavours (veal etc!). We took lots of little plastic containers to make our own (don't take up much room in case with socks / pants in grin)

- Pampers are called 'Dodot' in Spain.

- There aren't really many baby changing facilities in Spain. Look to use a bench etc when out and about (not too much of a problem with the sunny weather). If you do want to find facilities, look to shopping centres.

There also aren't high chairs in all places to aim to feed when you're out either in buggy / holding. You may want to plan for bibs with sleeves accordingly.

- Take more food on the plane than you think you'll need in case you're delayed.

- Single dose sachets of Calpol are handy if you need it on the move - no spoon required and they don't take up much space.

Our DS loved the plane - he was fascinated by all the goings on and then slept for take off both ways! Good luck and have a fab time!

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