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What do you wish you had done with your 6 month old?

(12 Posts)
Tinker3 Sun 12-Jun-11 17:33:13

Im a new Mum and have a 6 month old... I adore my days at home with him, after a tricky first few months... But I wonder if there is something I should be doing? What did you / do you do with your 6 month olds? What do you wish you had differently? Any advice / ideas / experiences welcome!

ShushBaby Sun 12-Jun-11 17:47:11

I wish I had relaxed more and hadn't stressed so much about naps! I ended up staying in a lot purely to try and get her naps under control, and I nearly went mad, hit a real low point in fact. I wish I'd just chucked her in the pram and gone out and about, not minding if it didn't fit in with her 'routine'.

WipsGlitter Sun 12-Jun-11 17:54:33

I agree. It's really hard for some reason to go with the flow and you can get tied in knots trying to get into a routine. I'd have gone to mums and tots and not given up when the first one I went to was a bit crap and I judged them all by that one. Agree about the naps too; one friend is was a bit uptight about naps and would not go somewhere if it was naptime, I know overtired children are a nightmare but if you can get them to sleep in the car/pram/middle of Starbucks then it makes it easier to get out and about.

TheCountessOlenska Sun 12-Jun-11 18:53:34

Have just replied to your other thread Tinker 3!

Agree with other posters - I was obsessed with naps at the 6 month stage. I thought it would help with night time sleep but it never did really! I was really really knackered at that stage.

I am glad I got into a nice weekly routine with two baby groups plus tumble tots once she started crawling. I wish I'd done more swimming as she loves it now but I could have started earlier.

I have found 7 months onwards very enjoyable as they start to crawl, eat solids, interact more, play with toys nicely (we had lots of lovely times on the carpet rolling a ball back and forwards!)

CliffTumble Sun 12-Jun-11 18:59:14

I took a set of natural photos at 6 months. I just put a white sheet over the bed frame as a background. Im really pleased with the results and have them in a montage frame.

naturalbaby Sun 12-Jun-11 22:02:58

i wanted to take him on a waterbabies swimming course, and there's a baby sensory course that was really nice but not close enough. i just took him swimming myself which he loved, then did baby group a couple of times a week and a nice walk in the nearby wildlife trust park with other mums.

Bella2010star Sun 12-Jun-11 22:11:22

I would just encourage you to have a good time and not worry. I wish I would have taken more photographs as my daughter has grown so fast! Also written down little things like what her first word was etc I thought I would remember it all but I have forgotten so quickly. Nice to get into some baby groups to and swimming I love water babies smile

AngelDog Sun 12-Jun-11 23:10:50

I'd have experimented with a nap 'routine' sooner - I was very anti-routine but couldn't read DS's tired signs so every day was a nightmare trying to work out when he needed to sleep. If he was overtired, he was a nightmare to get to sleep, and for us it did have a huge knock-on effect on the nights (he woke 6 or 7 times a night at 6 months). He wouldn't sleep in the car or sling, and only rarely in the pushchair. When we did start a flexible 'routine', life improved a lot for both of us. (He learnt how to sleep reliably in the pushchair at 11 months. grin)

I'd not worry about feeding to sleep as I did a bit, but I'd just enjoy that next time (still doing it at 17 months!)

I took LOADS of photos when he started solids (we did BLW) and I'd definitely do that again. Such fun!

6/7 months onwards is a lot of fun I think.

BertieBotts Sun 12-Jun-11 23:14:01

We did baby signing, at around 11 months in the end, but you can start from 6 months. I think it really helped when he started to want to tell me things but didn't yet have the language.

Ixia Sun 12-Jun-11 23:55:36

I wish I'd taken her to waterbabies, as she's 6yrs now and learning to swim is an uphill battle.

I wish I'd done baby led weaning, but didn't really know about it at the time.

I wish I'd filled in one of those baby books, you know - the ones that list first tooth, first crawled etc. I thought I'd never forget those moments, but you do.

I recommend signing, it was something we did do with DD from v. young. As it happens she had speech problems and the signing really helped her not to get frustrated.

ll31 Mon 13-Jun-11 01:33:11

I think just cuddle and play with them- nothing else is needed!

titferbrains Mon 13-Jun-11 13:19:05

be as relaxed as possible about weaning and feeding. So many mums I know worry about baby "missing" a meal or how much puree they are eating etc and I really don't think it's important, better to focus on exciting colours and textures and tastes and let them explore food than make it a chore for you or them.

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