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Minor ailments - haven't got a clue!

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starrychime Sat 11-Jun-11 22:41:03

I'm blessed with a DD(7) who is very rarely ill. So I'm just not used to or prepared for anything and tend to panic at the first sign of anything as I don't have a clue what to do. For example she's got a bit of a cough tonight (can hear her coughing in her sleep just now) and I'm sitting here thinking, what if she chokes or something during the night.
It's like - sore tummy, bit of Calpol (I mean are you even supposed to TAKE Calpol for sore tummy?) and hot water bottle.
Sore tooth - bit of Calpol.
Temperature - feels hot but how do you even take a temperature - how can a thermometer under the arm or wherever give an accurate body temperature - won't it be warm under there anyway? Don't even have a thermometer anyway. Bit of Calpol then.
Now it's not that she gets a daily dose of Calpol grin, just whenever something's not qute right that's all I have.
Cuts with grit in them? - no Calpol but how do you make sure it doesn't get infected? Bit of Savlon cream?
Basically I am clueless - I need to have some basic equipment and knowledge so I actually feel I'm DOING something instead of basically hoping it'll go away.
What should I know and what basic stuff, medicines etc should I have to hand?

Midge25 Sat 11-Jun-11 22:51:41

I think you can book yourself on to First Aid courses specifically about health issues in children which might cause you to worry less? In terms of the day to day bumps/scratches/coughs/colds etc, I'm not sure you need much more than you've mentioned: antiseptic cream / painkiller: that's certainly pretty much all I keep in (dd, 3). Thermometers can be useful, and a pack of plasters?

awetweekend Sun 12-Jun-11 11:29:36

minor ailments - if in doubt phone or pop into a good pharmacy and pharmacist will help - home remedies are often very effective, here are some of ours

cough - many gps and pharmacists will suggest that you dont pour useless chemicals down child's thoat (strong words!) - glycerine type syrup or honey and lemon water may help a bit but if you want to help your child ask pharmacist if there is anything useful available

chesty cough and congestion - hot shower for vapours, damp towels on radiators in winter for same, vicks or similar, raise pillows at night

chicken pox - bicarb in bath water, age appropriate antihistamines

high temp or not respondiung to calpol - give ibuprofen as well and use tepid water but not icy cold water

ear ache thats not discharging and not really painful - drop of olive oil inside the ear plus calpol plus see how it goes

colds and coughs etc - drop of lavender and teatree oil mixed with olive or kitchen oil and rub into chest and back (stimulates imune system and helps combat viruses and bacteria)

minor cuts and grazes - try not to dress it unless needed to keep clean/avoid pain as it will heal much better without a plaster. If plaster required and doesnt need to be waterproof cut out a bit of plain dressing pad and tape on with micropore tape as this allows it to breathe and really speeds up healing time

sprains - ibuprofen (an anti inflammatory to reduce swelling), witchhazel or bag of frozen peas, homeopathic arnica tablets for bruising and swelling - if quite bad strap with stretchy bandage to make them more comfortable

matana Mon 13-Jun-11 11:05:44

Baby Nurofen is useful to have in the medicine cabinet too - it seems to last longer than Calpol meaning better sleep for longer and it can be used alongside Calpol too if your LO is really suffering. One will bring down a temperature and the other provides pain relief.

That said, we ended up with our 7 mo DS in bed with us last night because he screamed himself hoarse at about 10.30 (he has a nasty cold and cough)and seemed to just want a bit of closeness. My DH, who used to complain bitterly about co-sleeping and sleepless nights with dead arms, was the first to say "Oh bless him, i'll go and get him and bring him into bed with us" hmm DS slept brilliantly after that. We didn't!

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