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Son's friend

(3 Posts)
JIRkids Thu 09-Jun-11 12:02:35

Hi, My son has started being friends with a boy at school recently. He came back after school last week and it was a total nightmare. Firstly, he started saying he would chop all our heads off, then hurt my youngest DC, then threatened me!!!! My son seemed suprised and said that he is isn't normally like that at school. I didn't say much to his mum as I didn't really know where to start and don't know her that well - had a feeling it could turn nasty!
Anyway, I have explained to my son that he can't come back due to behaviour but he has now been invited there. I have said no that we can't make days suggested but I am not sure what to say if she approaches me directly. Has anyone else had similar experiences, they are only 7!

Octaviapink Thu 09-Jun-11 19:09:11

Have a word with the teacher? I would agree that you don't want your son to be friends with this boy. Also it sounds as though he's exposed to some stuff that children shouldn't be. Perhaps age-inappropriate films and stuff.

JIRkids Fri 10-Jun-11 17:28:28

Thanks for replying. I was thinking of saying something to the teacher as I do think like you have said that there is something a bit odd going on for him at home to be like that. He made up some strange stories too which were a bit worrying!
I am not too worried about separating my son from him as they won't be at the same school next year so I think I will just carry on making my excuses! I think it is the boy more than his mum doing the inviting.

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