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electric toothbrushes for under 2 years?

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BeeMyBaby Mon 06-Jun-11 21:53:35

DD is 16 months, just had two molars come through and point blank won't open her mouth to have her teeth brushed. Even just over a month ago she loved getting her teeth brushed but now because of the back ones I think, she just clamps her mouth shut. She also still drinks milk from a bottle and refuses it from every type of cup i've tried so far, although she can drink water out of a sippy cup with no problem. I've read about children on this forum who have cavities and it really scares me, the last week its been almost impossible to brush her teeth, she won't even chew the toothbrush so i have just been sticking my finger in with some toothpaste. So, today I did something bad, I tried her with my electric toothbrush (one with a small round head) and she loved it and let me gently brush all of her teeth, even the back molars as it was tickly. So, is there such a thing as an electric toothbrush for under 2, or under 3 even?

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