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Problem 10 year old - advise needed

(2 Posts)
WanderlustEdin Mon 06-Jun-11 10:26:24

Hi some advise would really be appreciated.
My DS can be such a lovely boy but he has such attitude problem, this has not just manifested itself lately it has been a continual thing throughout his life. In the playground he was always the one barging on to the slide first or pushing others out of the way. His nursery years were fine and he was very popular and this continued into P1 but from P2 things changed he was bossey and in trouble in class answering the teacher in class etc. He began losing his established friends, not the most popular boy in the class. This must of had an effect on him. He got labeled as a trouble maker in class and has never received much praise from teacher all through school even thought he is very bright. He always seems grumpy and fights constantly with his littler sister who he thinks we always takes her side. He's very competetive and hates losing, this has ended up with him this week getting into a fight on the football field and being suspended, he father is the coach so this does not help the father son relationship. He is from a loving and stable family with great grandparents around him, has everying he needs but is not spoilt. The question is how do we cope with this, we give him a talking to and he great for about a week and then it all returns to normal. He seem constantly angry, should we seek professional help. We sit him down and talk to him but he says he does not know why, is it just a personality trait can this be changed?

overthemill Mon 06-Jun-11 10:31:09

this is very hard for you. My beloved dss was/is like this but has got so much better as he's got older (now 15). He is a loving boy but has real issues with control ( and he does have the equiv of 4 parents poor love!) and he always wants to do his own thing his own way. two suggestions:

is he being stretched enough at school? we found dss so much better behaved once in yr 7 as he got more challenging work and have since discovered he's dyslexic and high iq

is he getting enough exercise and food? dss needs masses of both to keep him sane.

worth a try?

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