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help to stay calm?

(2 Posts)
funnybumblebee Fri 03-Jun-11 08:40:33

My 6-month-old DD is going through a fussy phase. It's like she's just noticed there are things she wants on the other side of the room, below her highchair etc but she can't reach them. She can get onto hands and knees but falls forward and bangs her face. She has basically whined all day for a week! I know this is developmental, I know it will pass, but I am seriously struggling to stay calm with her. I have been in tears this morning because she seems so unhappy. She won't eat properly, and that frustrates me. I don't want to get cross, I know it isn't her fault, but I just feel myself wanting to scream at the constant whining noise. Even if I sit and play with her she does it. If I pick her up she tries to get away but then starts whining when I put her down again!

I am aware there is no answer to this, it will pass, but it helps to write it down and maybe hear if anyone else has been through the same.

matana Fri 03-Jun-11 10:25:09

Poor you - it's awful isn't it? I know it doesn't help much but it will pass - she's reaching lots of new development milestone right now and needs help to accomplish them. I think it helps them get over their fussiness quicker and easier if you give them opportunities to practice trying their skills. DS is 7 months and although he wasn't like this solidly for a whole week, he would have on and off days. On the off days i too was in tears and couldn't wait to hand him over to my DH when he got home!

From memory at that age we gave him lots of tummy time, lay him on a rug on his back and gave him toys to handle (they begin to pass them from one hand to the other and tune in their fine motor skills) and he also began trying to roll from his back to his tummy. We also played hide the toy and peek a boo because they're learning cause and effect and that when an object is out of sight it does still exist. I also just gave him lots and lots of cuddles and closeness when he wasn't in the mood for much else. If he whined when i held him i sang to him and walked him up and down. When it really got to me i just put him in his cot and gave myself five minutes, even if he cried for those 5 minutes. I felt guilty at first, but it's amazing what five minutes can do and I was then able to come back to him much calmer and happier.

If you have any family or friends close by then perhaps see if they can come and take some pressure for a while. Often you'll find they're able to calm your LO better because they're more removed from the situation and the baby doesn't sense any stress. I was chastised severely by my big sister when she found out i'd been suffering alone: "Why the hell didn't you call me? Even half an hour makes a difference!"

HTH and good luck x

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