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12yr old ds really pushing my buttons

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BoscosBox Thu 02-Jun-11 17:03:39

Ds has just been obnoxious the last 5-6 months . Really pushing boundaries by cursing at me , faking illness to get sent home from school early . Keeping me late in the mornings because he wont get up / get dressed etc . He is not doing his homework and hiding notes that his teacher has sent home for me to sign.
I've taken all his game consoles out of his bedroom but its the constant back chat that is driving me up the walls .
Is this a normal phase that children go through ?
I hope the schoolwork end of things has been sorted as i have spoken to his teacher and come up with a plan of action .
I seem to be forever grounding him but he doesn't seem bothered .

homeboys Thu 02-Jun-11 19:41:01

Message withdrawn

BoscosBox Thu 02-Jun-11 19:55:50

Thanks homeboys.

Yes regards the letters from school thats exactly
what we have arranged.
His teacher is full of praise for ds bar this thing with his homework and
not giving me the notes.
I suppose the thing that is getting to me most is his
attitude, an example is - yesterday in front of his friend
i caught him bragging about him telling me to f** off, so i made
him come in & sent his friend home. Ds then told me to f** off
again under his breath & slammed doors storming off
to his room.
I told dh when he got home & he had a chat with ds
but again this morning ds kicked off.
It just feels like we are going around in circles with him.

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