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MMR jab side effects - tell me your experiences!

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vez123 Thu 02-Jun-11 08:25:34

Hi, my little boy (12 months) will be getting his MMR jab today. I am slightly concerned as to the side effects. He will be christened this Sunday and I do not want him to be ill for this important event!
What were your experiences? Should we delay the jab by a week?


swash Thu 02-Jun-11 11:27:54

Absolutely no side effects with either of my dcs. I gave dd1 a spoonful of calpol as a precaution but I don't think she needed it. DD2 has had both her MMR jabs - she had the second one when she was two because of a previous measles outbreak. Completely fine both times - not even a hint of fever.

I think if they do get a reaction it is usually shortlived - but I would ring your GP surgery and ask.

mamsnet Thu 02-Jun-11 11:29:05

None whatsoever..

RufousBartleby Thu 02-Jun-11 11:32:19

Mine had his on Tuesday - he was completely fine, hope yours is too smile

JoyceBarnaby Thu 02-Jun-11 11:32:50

My DS didn't have any side effects, either! Perhaps make sure you have Calpol on hand just in case?

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