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my neighbours

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tostaky Wed 01-Jun-11 21:57:02

i have two DS under 3 and my neighbours have one little girl who must be around 2. i dont talk to them because they are polish, there are lots of big string men sharing the house and this women and little girl. quite intimidating i have to say, drinking, playing loud music until the early hours and DP says they are not a pretty sight when he goes to tell them to turn the music down at 3am.
the thing that disturb me is very often i can hear the little girl crying loudly. Now Ds2 is an angel but DS1 is a real PITA with lots of tantums and a very poor sleeper until he was 16 months... so i know what is a rying child. and the way she screams EVERY evenings and sometimes during the day and also at random hours during the night, i dont know... i dont understand, it is like they are hurting her or something. Like everything is quiet and at 11.30pm youll hear her screaming for 10 mins. and then nothing. she also cries in the morning sometimes but im back at work now so i get up earlier and dont know if it is still the case.
so what do i do? do i get in touch with social services? but then they will know someone reported them? or am i making a fuss for nothing? my instint says somethings wrong though and i cannot bear to hear her crying/screaming...
please advise...

fifi25 Wed 01-Jun-11 22:06:44

I had polish neighbour not next door but one. We had to get a petition up to get them out. Over 20 houses were kept awake by loud partying and drinking in the street up to 5am. They had no kids.

On the other hand i have 3 girls who are screamers. You would think they were getting murdered and sometimes i am only asking them to tidy their room. Mine dont scream at 11.30pm though once they have gone to bed. Has anyone else noticed the screaming or do you know anyone who knows them?

Its hard to say what to do TBH so im not much help. I would be the same as you

salsaprincess Mon 06-Jun-11 13:06:58

Not sure what relevance being Polish has - I wouldn't mention their nationality to social services as it just sounds racist to be honest. But I WOULD mention that you're concerned about the nature and the regularity of the crying. If she is in trouble, she has no voice so someone has to speak up for her. And I wouldn't worry that they'll know someone has reported them - it could simply be someone passing on the street who made the call. When I give my 9 week old baby a bath she screams so loud I often think a passing stranger is going to report it to social services and to be honest if they did, I wouldn't mind in the slightest because then I'd know they were doing their job - so if it is all innocent and the little girl is safe and protected, I'm sure any good mother wouldn't mind others looking out for her.

muslimah28 Mon 06-Jun-11 13:19:19

what salsa said.

You shpuldnt mention tha they are polish either on here or to social services, its completely irrelevent and quite offensive tbh.

But as for the little girl, you should report it and make it clear you dont wat to be identified. As the poster above said, if they have a screamer then theyll know it and be able to explain that nothings wrong.

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