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My ds is a mummy's boy - should I try and pull back?

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GandalfsGrandma Wed 01-Jun-11 18:40:40

My ds 6yrs is a total mummy's boy. He is funny, loving, caring and considerate (all traits of which I am very proud) - he is, however, ultra cautious and if I am brutal, a bit of a wimp - every tiny tiny scratch 'REALLY hurts' and he won't try anything he deems to be scary (eg some films that his sister will happily watch - she is 18months older). I do worry that he is too much of a mummy's boy and that later in life this is not going to do him any favours.
I know I am being rather brutal but I don't want my adoration of him (and dd of course, she's just a lot more confident/hardier all round) to make things tough for him later on.
Oh and by 'pull back' I don't mean withhold affection, I'm not really sure what I mean.
I'm probably being completely ridiculous about this and I'm happy for you all to tell me so smile blush

mumsiepie Wed 01-Jun-11 21:51:28

Boys change from the age of 8, (is it a surge of testosterone?) and they become more boyish and generally the wimpiness goes..... I think!

Sparklyboots Wed 01-Jun-11 22:12:35

My younger brother was a "wimp" and a "mummy's boy" and he has grown into neither of those things - he's just brilliant, a really good guy who gets on well with everyone. There are 4 of us and he is definately the coolest, and his ability to get on with women is particularly impressive. His wimpiness has grown into a clear-eyed view of himself and his capacities (abilities as well as limitations), and the ability to be sensitive to others' feelings (we all ask him for emotional advice). His mummy's boy-ness has grown into a talent for getting on particularly well with women and side-stepping pointless machismo (pissing contests, as he calls them). Worry if he's still clinging when he's 20.

cyb Wed 01-Jun-11 22:17:01

I think your ds sounds lovely. Much rather that than high -karate kicking everything in site being a power ranger

Capiche Wed 01-Jun-11 22:19:24

never noticed any of these testosternone rushes...boys mature as girls to

agree with the other posters who say your ds sounds lovely

GandalfsGrandma Thu 02-Jun-11 07:43:39

Thank you for the replies you lovely lot! Sparklyboots, your db sounds fab, I do hope that is how ds will turn out smile Ds is very funny so I'm hoping that will protect him at secondary school ( not that I'm worrying in advance or anything grin) if he isn't going to be the karate kicking sort!
Thanks again for the replies, very reassuring.

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