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Boots pharmacy have just given my 4mo meds for 'over 1 yr old'

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whitechocolatebuttons Wed 01-Jun-11 12:48:24

DS is 4mo and has an excema like rash on torso and behind knees (knee rash looks very excema-y but torso rash is a bit more 'pimply'. So i showed him to the gp who prescribed Oilatum, 1% hydrocortisone and an antihistamine syrup (chlorphenamine).
I took the script to Boots who did their thing and i got home and started going through the meds and i noticed the syrup is Boots own brand 'allergy relief 1 year plus' . Is this right? am i going to have to trek back to the doc to check? or will i have to (^ugh^) phone NHS haven'tgotaclue Direct?

whyme2 Wed 01-Jun-11 12:50:59

Phone the branch of Boots that you went to,. I have always found them to be helpful.

newbroom Wed 01-Jun-11 12:51:09

I would start by phoning the pharmacy to check they haven't given you the wrong medicine. If they are sure it's the right stuff, then double check with the GP. I wouldn't bother with NHS direct personally!

BornToFolk Wed 01-Jun-11 12:52:22

Why don't you phone the GP? It's probably fine, the syrup is probably available OTC for over-1s but only on prescription for under-1s but in your circumstances, I'd want to check with the GP. It shouldn't need another trip in though, see if you can get them on the phone.

CMOTdibbler Wed 01-Jun-11 12:53:19

A lot of medicines are for age x and over over the counter, but for younger children on prescription.

Look at the active ingredient - I'm sure it will be what was prescribed

whitechocolatebuttons Wed 01-Jun-11 13:03:13

Ta for responses. DS is prescribed 2.5ml 2xdaily and on the side of the box and inside on the instruction leaflet it says 'children 12 to 23 months - 2.5ml 2xdaily. Surely it'll be overdosing a 4mo? - especially if it says 'Do Not give to children under 1 year old'? clearly on the box and inside. Im usually quite laid back but this is getting me worried!
Right, i'm off to have a weep in the corner sort this out right now!

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