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TootTootLick Tue 31-May-11 13:55:31

Had to go shopping (food and errands, nothing exciting!) with my 2 children (2.5 & 4.11) as it's half term. I used to take my oldest shopping all the time but now she's at school we don't often get the chance to go together. Little one comes with me all the time but it's obviously more exciting having big sister with him.

Anyway I had a few shops and places to go to. Didn't want to go at all as had stomach cramps but unfortunately it was urgent.

Does anyone else find it sooooo stressful with more then 1 child? With 1 you can engage them and get them involved, with 2 they get over-excited and act really hyper and get pack mentality.

The main problems are,
1. Leaving shops my nearly 5 yo runs in a random directions. She doesn't know which way we are going next so why doesn't she wait for me or ask? At the end of every single isle she does the same (I honestly don't understand this)

2. Being so unaware of the people around them in shops despite constant reminders from me and nearly knocking people over (probably a bit normal for young children)

3. Picking everything up when I have had a talk with them just seconds earlier telling them not to touch anything (shop full of delicate things)

4. Being incapable of standing still or walking along side me

5. Insisting on taking something with them and then putting in down and forgetting it (small thing but it's ME who has to search for it and put up with the crying)

6. Hiding in tiny places so I freak out when I can't find them.

Really I just want them to not act so bloody hyper. I know they were excited but fucking hell! I ended up going mental shouting in the car afterwards as I was so exhausted and stressed. I told them I didn't feel well before we left the house and that I really needed them to behave/not run off etc. They have warn themselves out and have fallen asleep and now I'm on here all wound up and feeling so guilty for getting angry in the car. I feel like my getting angry has ruined the day sad Every half term it is so hard and I don't want it to be. I try to avoid doing shopping trips with them for this reason but today I had no choice.

bigbadbarry Tue 31-May-11 13:58:14

Numbers 2 and 3 ring huge bells for me sad Online shopping is the way forward whenever possible!

walesblackbird Tue 31-May-11 14:02:19

I have three children and have to say we have gone without things before now on the basis that it would be preferable to hauling three of them around shops!

1 at a time is okay, particularly when smaller and in a buggy/trolley. I always go to the fresh bread dept first and buy french bread. That would usually keep them quiet!

Failing that, internet shopping every time!!

TootTootLick Tue 31-May-11 14:06:23

Yeah I do online shopping but it was one of those days when you suddenly realise you need really important things (medicines) that just can't wait!

bluebobbin Tue 31-May-11 14:08:06

My kids are 3 and 5. If I end up having to shop with both of them, I put them in a trolley with a double seat. My 5yo, although tall, is very skinny so his legs still fit. They sit chatting together and if they get silly, I give them something to eat.

My kids are banned from taking toys out of the house. A few months ago, DS received an ORT reading book home from school about Kipper taking a bus trip with his mum and leaving his teddy on the bus and crying at night because it was lost. DS read this book very seriously and at the end, DS and DD agreed that it was lucky that I never let them take toys out grin.

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