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Tips for recalcitrant dressers

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otchayaniye Tue 31-May-11 08:16:43

My daughter has taken a real dislike to getting dressed (she's 2-1/2) and although I follow a non-reward/punishment style of parenting it's getting acrimonious and I've sometimes resorted to offering a treat if she'll do it.

I offer choice (including her favourite t-shirt if it's clean), ask her why she doesn't like it (she just likes being naked, she says), explain why we have to get dressed when we go out etc etc.

Any advice?

Piccadilly Tue 31-May-11 09:37:58

With my two year old, I've had some success when things have got fraught (me trying to put the clothes on him, him struggling to keep them off) by saying we have to put the clothes on, but he is the decider who decides when. When he decides it's time to put the clothes on he should tell me (even letting him ring a bell or something would probably be even better). When I've had the time and have really just waited, he has actually said he wants to put the clothes on at some point.
Otherwise I am experimenting with different times of the day. DS is really hard to dress in the morning but in the evening it's much better - as is after a bath. So, I'm changing his vest before bed and then in the morning if it's a struggle, I tell myself it's not so bad if he keeps the old one on!
Today it's paddling pool weather where we are so he really can be naked - and we have a struggle with the sun-tan lotion! smile
Another idea would be getting a doll dressed in tandem to him - here the doll is getting his trousers on, now it's your turn.
Me putting his top over my head like a silly hat sometimes works - or his socks on my ears or something... Sometimes sleeves being tunnels works. With my dd we often had the "getting dressed robot" where I pretended to be a robot with a different silly noise for each action/garment getting her dressed. That went down well. The problem is, some days the show I put on works and sometimes it's all destined for failure and we've ended up really almost fighting over getting the clothes on.
Ds loves fancy dress - maybe I should dress him in fairy dresses or knight's armour every day???

otchayaniye Tue 31-May-11 10:46:05

Thanks piccadilly, that's helpful and gives me something to try

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