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fussy eaters - support and advice

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RueLaChesty Mon 30-May-11 23:26:58

I have 2 dds, 2.8yo and 14mo.

DD1 has always been a fussy eater and is a bit of a picker, she cna go for days without seeming to eat then spens next 3 days just easting anything in sight.

She loves fruit, will eat fruit all day long. She will not touch veg, she won't eat most savoury things but does like fish, potatoes and macaroni (not altogether). She will eat sandwiches with cheese or ham, nothing else and loves cheese.

But trying to get her to eat anything else is a nightmare.

DD2 was a dream when weaning but in past month or so has gotten quite fussy, i think its more texture than anything else and maybe caused by teething. But she does not like fish. Well actually she does but she vomits if she eats fish.

I'm just not very inspired when it comes to new ideas and need advice on how to deal with DD1. I made soup yesterday and DD2 was eating quite happily until DD1 announce (without picking up her spoon) that it was yucky. So DD2 then kept shaking her head and saying yucky! Arghhh....

So how do you deal with fussy eaters? What works? Tonight neither would eat dinner so they got nothing else but is 14mo too young to do that?

Mealtimes really stress me out at the moment so i could do with some help!

RueLaChesty Mon 30-May-11 23:28:28

oops sorry for typos.

RueLaChesty Tue 31-May-11 23:07:53

bump, i can't be the only one with fussy eaters?

niamh29 Wed 01-Jun-11 03:52:56

I have DD1 who's 5 and DD2 who's 22mo. DD1 is exactly like yours but I wouldn't have described her as fussy, she will try other foods as my rule is that you have to at least try everything on the plate. I really just put up whatever it is we're having for dinner and if they don't eat much I assume they aren't hungry enough, but, if they have a bad dinner day the next day I'll make somrthing I know they like, like pasta.

anthonytrollopesrevenge Wed 01-Jun-11 18:16:38

I tried to include at least 1 thing that I knew my toddler liked at dinner time so he had something he liked and could try the family dinner if he wanted to. He liked cheese, pasta, tomato sauce (I made big batches of this and froze in ine cube trays), fish and meat balls, plus fruit and bread. So if I was doing a roast, he would get some fruit and a slice of bread and was offered the rest of the meal. If we were having sausages and mash, I 'd heat up a meat ball for him and offer him what we were having. It worked slowly, though we did have lots of pasta dishes as it easiest! Now he has a huge appetite and likes nearly everything except green veggies, he is 8 by the way

RueLaChesty Wed 01-Jun-11 20:20:56

So it will get better over time. [hopeful emoticon]

Tonight we had macaroni (homemade not tinned) which she usually loves but wouldn't touch anything so i said "thats fine but you can't leave the table until DD2 and I are finished", so she did sit and had a couple more mouthfuls. So we'll see how she goes tomorrow.

DP works late most nights (12 hour shifts) so its usually just the 3 of us but it really stresses me out.

I like the idea of making sure they try everything on the plate and making sure there is one thing she'll eat.

I suppose its just perseverance.

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