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growing up books for young girls

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pinkx4 Mon 30-May-11 18:32:19

I have twins of 8 years old and they're starting to get a little hormonal! My side of the family has a history of starting puberty early (I was only just 9 when my periods started and had a 32B bust!) and I want the girls to start being prepared for the changes that may happen quite soon. Can anyone recommend a suitable book that I can use as a back-up tool to illustrate what I have to tell them or which they can read for themselves after we've talked?

niamh29 Mon 30-May-11 21:08:35

I've been looking recently for a book to gently explain about body parts and babies to my 5 year old and I saw the "Usborne" books, there are a few books including ones called "the facts of life" which would be suitable for my 5 year old and one called "what's happening to me?" which comes in a boy or girl version and seemed very good with lots of pictures and not very graphic so is suitable for younger kids. You can see them online at under the science section.

Dancergirl Mon 30-May-11 21:13:20

I love this one - How will I grow?

I wanted a book to explain the basics of puberty and periods for my 9 year old dd without too much about the mechanics of sex at this age. This book fits the bill perfectly.

mathanxiety Mon 30-May-11 21:39:24

'The Care and Keeping of You' published by American Girl publications is excellent for younger girls. Covers all the physical changes, emphasises healthy habits, good diet, hygiene, taking responsibility for your own 'care and keeping' in other words, without going into sex to any great degree. Also has a bit on self esteem and friend issues iirc, or maybe that's a separate book. Excellent and practical -- what to do if you're caught without a tampon or pad, how to insert a tampon -- and matter of fact tone.

pinkx4 Wed 01-Jun-11 13:58:10

Thanks for your suggestions. Amazon has just done very well out of me!

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