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Back carrier recommendations please?

(12 Posts)
lurcherlover Sat 28-May-11 23:31:49

I would like a comfy back carrier for DS (7 months but big - 20lbs and in 9-12 month clothes, length-wise). I have been using a wilkinet but only in the front carrying position - never mastered the back carrying one - and he is now too heavy to be carried on the front. I would like something he'll be comfy in for long walks on the moors, and that won't ruin my back! Recommendations please?

Roo83 Sun 29-May-11 10:24:33

We had a bush baby one for ds which was great. They have a wide range for various prices. We went for a more expensive one as we were going on holiday and planned to do a lot of walking. It had lots of adjustable bits for a comfy fit, and excellent raincover so we have used it all weathers. Dd is now 8mnths so looking at digging it back put for her now

mypersonalfavourite Sun 29-May-11 20:44:41

Connecta or Ergo.

agirlcalledvicky Sun 29-May-11 20:56:28

We have a 10 month old who is also a big lad. I had been carrying him in a Beco on the front and back but was getting back ache and so invested in a MacPac Possum - based on the reviews on here. It has been really really great, very comfortable, well made and loads of useful extras such as sleepyhead neck rest, rain cover, sun shade etc. To be honest though there didn't seem to be that much between most of the good makes Bushbaby, Vaude, MacPac - they all seem to be a similar design. We got ours as a second hand bargain on ebay - should have been £200 with all the extras - we got ours nearly new for £60.

PS we are lurcher lovers too - our mutt gets incredibly excited when the Macpac comes out - walkies time!

SuchProspects Sun 29-May-11 22:06:30

I have found the fit issue is quite personal so suggest you try a few on with your DS, if possible borrow ones you like for a few days.

We have two LittleLife ones. A Discoverer for everyday which I use around town, on the bus etc. and I have found to be been brilliant, and a Freedom for long walks (as has storage space). I don't like the Freedom as much, it doesn't seem to fit so well. My DH, on the other hand, finds the Freedom to be more comfortable than the Discoverer (I'm 5'2", DH is well over 6').

ramblingmum Mon 30-May-11 20:36:21

I like my Ergo a lot. I find it more comfortable than the framed karrimor one we have, and easier to get on by myself. Also can use it on the front with even quite a big baby which is great for on the bus. I use my for hill walks but also for shopping ect. ( dd2 like to climb out of trollies and screems when stapped in). The small size comes in handy as we go camping in a small car and it packs easily for flying. The only down side is the is no rain cover and you can not put the child down in it.

monkoray Tue 31-May-11 11:47:04

We use a chicco caddy back pack
and have done since DS was about 6 months old (he's big for his age). When he was younger his face could rest on the foam bar that goes round the chair so if he fell asleep he wasn't slumped. When you takle the back pack off you can use the stand to stand the whole thing up which is great for picnics, and makes getting it on and off much easier and safer.
DS is now 19 months and weighs over 2 stone but we can both still comfortably carry him for the majority of a day in the back pack because the weight is really well distributed, and he's happy in it too. It says the carrier can be used until your child is 4 years old.
It has a water proof cover - great for the moors and there is a little bag that attaches to the back which is big enough for a couple of nappies, wipes, and snacks.

mousymouse Tue 31-May-11 11:49:31

another vote for the ergo.
I carry dd (18m, 12kg) daily without problems.
have even been hiking with it last summer, climbing over walls and fences in the peak district.

otchayaniye Tue 31-May-11 13:24:10

I don't have a pram or stroller and only use wraps and have tried a lot of back carriers. I bought a framed one for my husband (he's a SAHD so uses these things alot) but we hated it. Not spapped enough to the body to be close to centre of gravity at all. Plus a bit crotch dangly. I found them awkward getting them on and off.

My husband favours the Boba (SSC -- she's 2-1/2 so needs a longer back than the Ergo now) and I like wraps done as a secured rucksack as I'm 6-1/2 months pregnant so don't like anything tied across my lower belly.

Cies Tue 31-May-11 13:29:26

I have a connecta solarweave, which is designed for the heat but works just as well all year round. Find it really comfy with my 18mo ds who's long and skinny (only 10.5kg now, but 85cm llong). I use it around town with a shoulder bag, and when we go hiking one of us takes a backpack for all the kit. I would love an ergo with the little bit of storage that comes with it.

gourd Tue 31-May-11 14:16:24

I can second Littlife - we have the Traveller and it's brilliant, really light weight, easy to put on and the same kind of size as a large rucksack so easily fits in the car and you might get away with it on flights as hand luggage too, so it's useful for carrying little one around the airport and travelling in general. With carriers, your choice really depends what usage you want/expect from them - go for a dedicated all-day-er if you want to do long walks (but don't expect it to be cheap or compact), as you need something really, really light and comfortable. If you only want something for hour-long walks and for carrying little one around parks, markets or town centres, then a cheaper and more compact/portable one is what you want - it will be comfortable for short distances but possibly not for hours and hours of carrying. Whatever you choose, don't get swayed by expensive accessories - a rain cover isn't essential unless you're definitely going to be doing long walks in the rain. A showerproof baby suit or showerproof jacket and dungarees set will do just as well and can be bought cheaply at Aldi or Lidl. Buy large and just roll up!

Tigresswoods Tue 31-May-11 21:05:26

Your little one sounds like ours at 7 months, pretty big. We bought a Bush Baby Venus when he was 6-7 months old and I thought we wouldn't get the use out of it. However, my husband uses it loads and DS is now 15 months... still big but his growth slowed down (thank God!) so I would recommend that model for Daddies but I have never got on with it. Its just not comfortable.

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