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Calpol not bringing temp down-help

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banana87 Sat 28-May-11 17:19:52

DD (2.5) has a temp of 39, which is not coming down with Calpol. Do I try Neurofen?

activate Sat 28-May-11 17:21:32


and give it 40 mins to take effect

strip off, open window too (use a fan in the room) and if she wants give them water / juice / ice lolly

banana87 Sat 28-May-11 17:23:16

Thanks. I gave her the calpol at 2:30 which is why I'm worried.

Should I be giving more than 5ml Capl as it says 5-10ml.

silkenladder Sat 28-May-11 17:23:26

Could also try clean tea towels soaked in cool water to wrap around lower legs.

Madlizzy Sat 28-May-11 17:25:25

Definitely give her Nurofen now. Iboprufen is more effective at bringing down a temperature.

YummyHoney Sat 28-May-11 17:37:36

You can spell calpol with neurofen, so you should give both. If her temperature doesn't come down within an hour, I would take her to A & E, just to be on the safe side - if it gets to 40 degrees she could convulse.

monkoray Sat 28-May-11 17:42:12

you can give up to 10ml of calpol to a 2.5 year old every four hours and you can also give them 5 ml nurofen in between those 4 hours (nurofen should be spaced every 6 hours). They work on different bits of the brain so can be interchanged. Just make sure you note down what you've given when. But also follow activate's advice.
If her temp goes over 40 i'd recommend going to the GP. hope she feels better soon

homeboys Sat 28-May-11 18:32:29

Message withdrawn

banana87 Sat 28-May-11 19:04:24

Thanks all temp to normal and she is jumping off the wall, so must be feeling better.

mummymellymoo Sat 28-May-11 19:18:54

Just keep up with the Calpol dosing to make sure temp doesn't spike again and nurofen if necessary. Our little boy (same age) often has these fever episodes and I find if I don't stick to the four-hourly doses his temp suddenly spikes again after six hours or so. We had the same last weekend (nearly 40 degrees) - strip down and a tepid flannel behind her neck and on forehead also helps. Ours has had a febrile convulsion in the past - it's not necessarily the getting to 40 degrees that you have to worry about it's how rapidly the temperature rises. Keep getting her to have water or squash as well to keep the fluids up.

YummyHoney Sat 28-May-11 19:24:56

Yes, agree mummymelly. smile

Glad she's on the mend.

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