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Absolutly NO Babbling at 8 months?

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MollyMurphy Fri 27-May-11 21:53:22

I know kids do things in their own time but with each passing month I'm more and more concerned that my wonderful son still doesn't make discernable vowel sound, nevermind consonents....he shrieks, screams, growels, yells and blows raspberries all of which is fantastic - I just can't help worrying about it.

I have had some concerns about his hearing which are always dismissed by his physician...though last time she promised to get him tested and we are still waiting for the referral appointment. He hears sometimes and to some degree I'm certain, but thats just a dangling concern in my mind as well and they just reinforce each other.

Has anyone had an 8 month old who doesn't babble who's just started up right as rain one day?

goosey123 Fri 27-May-11 23:03:42

I was worried that my 9 month old wasn't babbling at all - she was making vowel sounds, but no consonants at all, and lots of shrieks and yells. And then suddenly overnight (after a big sleep regression) she started to crawl and babble with proper consonants all on the same day, at about 10 months. And today (at 11 months) I think she might have mooed at me! So yes, it went from me being worried to her starting up overnight. Good luck!

MollyMurphy Sat 28-May-11 05:40:46

Thanks goosey - it does make me feel better to hear that. I called my Dr's office and reinforced that we want the promised hearing test so hopefully that will put our minds at ease as well.

Albrecht Sat 28-May-11 10:39:59

Push for the hearing test if you have concerns. Did they do one when he was born? Does he turn when you call his name?

But yes ds was the same at 8 months - just shrieking, raspberries etc. About 9 months he suddenly started Mamama and Baba etc.

cocorouge Sat 28-May-11 15:47:30

My friends little boy did not really utter a sound until recently. He is just 4. I wouldn't worry. He is just really quiet.

basingstoke Sat 28-May-11 15:57:51

My DD didn't babble. She had hearing tests which were OK, and was referred for SALT assessment at 2, at which point she was still only making what were referred to as "intonated vowel sounds". After assessment she was put on a waiting list for SALT, and was on the list for 13 months hmm. In that time, she did start to talk. Her speech was obviously delayed, but she did catch up. The thing is though, you don't know how it's going to pan out. Two other children I know who were on the waiting list at the same time still have SALT input 4 years on. My advice is raise it now, and start the ball rolling with regards testing. If it resolves, then fantastic. If not, the sooner you get going,. the better.

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