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MMR Booster for 20 month old?

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mumtobe23 Fri 27-May-11 15:18:09

My DD has her first MMR jab at 12 months and I was told she can have another "booster" jab at around 18 months or have two jabs when shes about 3.5/4 (not sure if thats right but thats what the nurse said).
So she's now 20 months and i haven't yet taken her for her booster - so all i was asking really is if anyone has given their child the booster jab at this age or if i should wait?

I'm not really sure I understand much about the MMR or the timings of the jabs TBH so any information anyone has would help. Thank you

Sylvaniasandwich Fri 27-May-11 16:26:23

I gave my DD2 the MMR booster early. The GP surgery didn't know if it was possible - I ended up having to ring some central body to find out. They said it was fine to give the second jab early so long as it was a certain length of time from the first jab (I cannot remember the details but it definitely wasn't as long as six months).

The reason you need two jabs is because the first one will immunise around 80 per cent of children, leaving 20 per cent of children unprotected - it is not that jab one gives all children a certain amount of protection iyswim. The second jab should work for most of the rest, leaving just a few unprotected. It is those few who may become infected if they come into contact with someone else with measles etc.

I was really relieved to get DD2's jabs done, because lots of people I know are really anti-immunisation and there was an outbreak of measles at the time.

Hope that helps. I would ring your GP surgery and ask to speak to the nurse about it for clarification.

monkoray Fri 27-May-11 21:30:49

The routine schedule is first MMR at 12 months and second MMR at 3 years 4 months. However the second MMR dose can be given 3 months after the first one. You only need 2 doses of MMR vaccine so if your DC has the second one early they don't need another after that (unless the first is given before 12 months of age).
Its all explained in the Green Book (which is written for health professionals but some seem unaware of its content)
see page 217 of the "immunisation against infectious disease" green book

Having the second dose early is often recommended if there has been a measles outbreak in your area or in your child's nursery.

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