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How old before TV in bedroom?

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Mummywalsh Mon 25-Apr-11 17:38:16

My 2.5yo DD1 and 19mo DD2 share a bedroom and MIL has just given us a portable TV with DVD player. I've always been against the girls playing in their rooms and believe they go there to sleep, but now I'm thinking would it be such a bad thing for a quiet DVD in the afternoon, definitely not before bed or otherwise. How old were your LOs before they had a TV in their room?

shushpenfold Mon 25-Apr-11 17:38:58

They will be their own house, paying for it themselves!

bran Mon 25-Apr-11 17:40:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LawrieMarlow Mon 25-Apr-11 17:41:50

I had one which I saved up for myself. Got it at about 15 or 16 I think? It was black and white and you had to swivel a dial to tune in the different channels.

Am not keen on televisions in children's bedrooms. There is one television in this house and that is how it is staying

Earlybird Mon 25-Apr-11 17:43:10


DD has access to her 'own' telly in another room, but I won't ever put one in her bedroom. Ditto for computer.

All are in a room commonly used by the family.

usualsuspect Mon 25-Apr-11 17:47:43

Mine all had one from a fairly young age to watch dvds or videos back in the olden days

MumInBeds Mon 25-Apr-11 17:50:05

In this house, never (including my room). It's something only you can decide for your own children though.

choc1 Mon 25-Apr-11 17:51:08

Mine was 6. (It was gven to us, i didnt buy it)
1) one dvd may be watched on a Saturday evening before bed..this he considers to be a huge treat and it has provided me with much bargaining fodder.

Thats it, it doesnt get switched on other than that time on a sat evenng

flowery Mon 25-Apr-11 17:51:56

If mine have a quiet dvd in the afternoon it's downstairs where I am either watching with them or popping in and out from the kitchen. They are almost 4 and 18mo. Can't see any reason why them being in a bedroom upstairs would be preferable in any way.

In fact I can't actually conceive of my 18mo being upstairs without an adult in the room anyway tbh.

pippop1 Mon 25-Apr-11 17:52:23

Never. They'll never do any homework and will watch naughty stuff when you are asleep!

BarbaraBar Mon 25-Apr-11 17:52:41

I agree with mum and shush.

Same goes for computers.

LaurieFairyCake Mon 25-Apr-11 17:53:40


I don't have one in my room - bedrooms are for sleeping and I wouldn't want her to think her room is for anything other than relaxing - it will help her in future if she thinks that

NettoSuperstar Mon 25-Apr-11 17:53:41

I'm thinking about it, and DD is 9.
If I had another family room to put it in, I'd have done it ages ago, but as I don't it's bedroom or nothing.

She wants to watch DVDs/TV with her friends, and without me sometimes and can't atm as the only TV is in the living room.
Even the kitchen isn't big enough to sit in, or I'd have put one there.

fortyplus Mon 25-Apr-11 17:55:16

Never in my house but each to their own. Mine are 15 & 17 and take their laptops upstairs as it is - but I switch off the internet box downstairs! grin

Maryz Mon 25-Apr-11 17:56:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

QuickLookBusy Mon 25-Apr-11 18:01:57

Same in our house fortyplus. Mine are 20 and 17 and they don't have one. They do use computers for college/uni, but I always switch off the internet before we go to bed.

WShy can't they watch a DVD in the sitting room OP?

usualsuspect Mon 25-Apr-11 18:07:12

You limit the internet for a 20 year old?

Kentwood Mon 25-Apr-11 18:10:21

Never I'm afraid. My friend has just let her 3 yr old had a tv in his room because he can then watch a dvd instead of her having to read to him at bedtime hmm.

Danthe4th Mon 25-Apr-11 18:11:25

Crikey I must be unusual then as we have tv's in the bedrooms, but its mainly because we have a tiny house and 4 children and in the winter I quite like a quiet time watching tv in my bedroom with someone or my teenage girls will watch something.
Its never caused a problem, all the children switch off when they have watched what they want. We also have laptops and never have to switch the broadband off, everyone just goes to bed and switches off at a reasonable hour.
As soon as you make something a rule as in watching tv for an hour it becomes an issue, all my children have been perfectly capable of regulating what they watch and for how long. In the summer the tv hardly goes on they are playing outside. They are aged 6,8,14 and 16.

sharbie Mon 25-Apr-11 18:13:33

err never

usualsuspect Mon 25-Apr-11 18:13:42

Danthe4th,no, you are not that unusual ,just unusual on MN grin

GnomeDePlume Mon 25-Apr-11 18:18:05

DD1 had one in her room at around 14.

Bunbaker Mon 25-Apr-11 18:19:38

"How old were your LOs before they had a TV in their room?"

DD is ten and doesn't have her own TV. We have one upstairs in a spare bedroom that has been turned into a playroom, but she rarely watches it. OH watches it the most often so that he can watch his beloved rugby.

TalkinPeace2 Mon 25-Apr-11 18:20:15

They are allowed to take the laptops up to their rooms to watch a vid or surf
but the router is here in my office
and all laptops are on the shelf, switched off over night.
I have an energy meter. I KNOW when things are switched on.
Bedrooms are for sleeping, reading and talking.
NOT for screen time of any sort.

TortoiseVEasterBunny Mon 25-Apr-11 18:20:31

DS1 14 has one in his room for ps3 use only. Not connected to aerial. There is a freeveiw box which can be connected to it if there is something either DS wants to watch when I am watching something but that hasn't been used for months.
Other than that, the other 3 won't be having a tv. Friends 3yr old has one on her room to go to sleep watching a dvd! Lots of children seem to have them.

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