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anyone got a child with a real fear of dogs

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hermykne Thu 03-Nov-05 13:41:58

my ds is 15mths and really clings unbelieveably tight if he encounters one and he's not in his buggy.
dont know why, or if he'll grow out of this?
did anyone else have something similar

IlanaK Thu 03-Nov-05 13:44:13

Ds2 was exactly like this. He is now 16 months old, but until about 15 months, any animals at all freaked him out. We have family nearby with two dogs - one bery large. It was a real problem visiting them. Now though, he has got used to them and is really excited to see dogs when we are out and about. I think they outgrow it when exposed more.

hermykne Thu 03-Nov-05 13:45:13

my mother has 2 and we off today to staywith her, havent been in ages to her house, but i just reminded her about his fear and she was kinda was on the dogs side!

Fimbo Thu 03-Nov-05 13:49:40

It probably depends on the general nature of the child, my dd is a very sensitive child and at 7 is still petrified of dogs, to the extent that she nearly was run over by a bus as she tried to jump out of the way of a dog that was coming towards us on the pavement. I don't want to spark debate here, but sometimes dog owners really don't help the situation, "oh, its ok, he's really friendly, he wont touch you" when they can barely contain it on the lead, does not provide a lot of comfort.

hermykne Thu 03-Nov-05 13:51:00

i am so curious as to know why it happens, even if they didnt get a fright, he loves dogs in pictue books

Fimbo Thu 03-Nov-05 13:53:01

Its the teeth, according to my dd - LOL

katiemum Thu 03-Nov-05 14:06:37

My dd, just 3, used to be exactly the same - we know get - mummy I didn't scream at that doggy as we walk past it on the street. It was a friend who got dd to tell her very well behaved dog to sit - and the dog did, lie down and the dog did. Dd was basically in control of the dog and I think is what makes the differenc ein her mind too. Little by little this has made a huge difference. We haven't actually stroked a dog yet but I don't think it will be long. It also seemed to work better if I or dh weren't there as she was less likely to go as beserk with this friend.
I really hope you can get through this - good luck.

Furball Thu 03-Nov-05 14:07:42

My ds is 4 and is stil petrified of dogs. I think it's because even medium sized dogs come bounding along with their face at the same height as DS'. One woman stands every morning just outside the school gates at the top of an alleyway we use and we have to go onto someone elses garden to get passed her giving a wide birth why she natters to her mates. Usual comments of 'it's alright, he won't hurt you' and 'oh, he's just playing' get said, but so what? Just cos she loves her dog doesn't mean we all do. Another one stands oposite with a muzzle type lead on FGS, yes, just the sort of thing you want outside the gates!

NettiSulvetti Thu 03-Nov-05 15:06:06

My DS, 2.5, is petrified of dogs too. Now that he's talking more he'll say things like "that dog won't eat Jack" or "that dog is not coming into our house" he he he! and have to reassure him the he won't be the dog's lunch. He's been like this since he was a baby but I don't know why either. He has never even been around any particulary scary dogs or had any bad experiences. Of course my DH accuses me of projecting my fears onto DS and so it is all my fault!

Em32 Thu 03-Nov-05 15:06:17

My son used to love them (still loves pictures of them and to see them in the street etc) but if they are in the same room he's terrified. He's almost 21 months - don't know if the arrival of dd had anything to do with it. Apparently that can trigger irrational phobias....I love dogs myself.

Pomi Fri 04-Nov-05 15:49:53

I am dog phobic not my child but i know i would pass this on him.

myalias Fri 04-Nov-05 16:07:09

my ds is petrified and with good reason he was attacked by our neighbours alsation in the summer. Last night he was attacked by another dog which was with his owner on a lead!!! not sure of the breed. I was putting out the recycling bin in the dark and ds kicked his ball onto the field as he went to get it back the dog bit him. He has got 2 bite marks which have bruised badly today

bigdonna Sun 06-Nov-05 13:56:14

Both my kids and mindee are petrified of big dogs.They all climb up my leg when one comes along.i introduce small dogs and my 8yr old is getting better,but my 6yr old is getting worse wont go to best friends house because they have 2 small dogsshe also wont go to another friends because she has 3 cats.We have a hamster which she will stroke now but will not hold so i sympathise with you as its so boring.

foundintranslation Sun 06-Nov-05 14:18:30

Children who are scared of dogs who are running free/not well controlled by their owners are just being sensible imo.
Dogs can do a lot of damage and whatever their owners say, nobody can be 100% sure they won't turn on a child.
(can you tell I'm scared of them? )

Blu Sun 06-Nov-05 14:46:11

DS, 4, is terrified of dogs, and he is actually noted for his fearlessness in most contexts.
He says he does like dogs, but not near him. This means he clings in terror if there is a dog within about 50yds, on or off lead, and absolutely will not go to a house where there is a dog.

ArtMan60 Tue 13-Jan-15 13:09:29

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

AnnaD25 Wed 14-Jan-15 13:25:10

My Daughter is really frightened of dogs and cats. its more common that you think. My daughter is 5 and she has always been this way.

Millionprammiles Wed 14-Jan-15 14:16:51

My dd (2.5) is afraid of dogs, cats, insects and just moving things in general. If there's a tiny black speck on the bath she's convinced its 'walking' and demands it be wiped from existence.

I'm not going to force her to interact with things she isn't comfortable with at this age unless its vital to her development. We encourage her to stay calm etc. but I don't feel its essential to have a pet or even like animals. Just to be comfortable around them.

And wholeheartedly agree that some dog owners are utterly irresponsible. It's an animal. And it will always think like an animal. So treat it accordingly.

Dd is v confidant with people/other children/crowds/nursery etc and is v independent. To me that's far more important, I'd be worried if she was very timid/clingy generally.

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