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how much liquid should a 17 month old drink

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Boblina Mon 18-Apr-11 20:19:41

Hello there everyone, I have a question for you. My DS2 likes to drink and well my friend today mentioned in passing if DS2 had been checked for diabeties. He has not. She thinks that he drinks a lot for 17 month so my question to you is how much liquid should a 17 month have? He drinks around 60 to 80 ounces a day that is just under 1 litre a day. Is that too much? How much does your child drink. Can anyone advise. THanks xx

monkoray Mon 18-Apr-11 22:02:43

i don't know how much a 17 month old is supposed to drink but my 18 month old drinks about a litre a day too, especially at the moment when its warm outside and he's been running around, sometimes he drinks quite a bit more than that.
Unfortunately the symptoms of diabetes in kids include thirst, peeing a lot, tiredness and losing weight which a lot of kids may exhibit anyway. I guess if you are worried it wouldn't hurt to have him checked out but his liquid consumption sounds normal to me.

Sirzy Tue 19-Apr-11 07:05:50

Ds normally has 2 tall beakers of weak juice (won't touch water!) or 3 9oz bottles in a day.

Boblina Tue 19-Apr-11 11:06:18

I was not worried but when my friend mentioned it, then... He is always thirsty but I did not think much of it until now, he does pee a lot and is tired. But I have put the tiredness down to him really not sleeping. For example the last couple of nights he wakes around 2 and will not sleep until after 4 am. He will of course wake a least another if not two other time before that. I think I might get him checked. You never know. But would be interested to hear how much others drink. xx

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